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How To Digitize A Photo To Embroidery | Complete Tutorial

In this article, we’ll bear one amongst the fascinating applications of embroidery. Would you ever surprise however you’ll be able to digitalize a photograph or your favorite photography into embroidery design? currently, this can be doable.

As we have a tendency to discuss in different posts, embroidery has large dimensions. In no time, your design will develop into a business. It’s an excellent thanks to personalize your craft into embroidery style by digitalize a photograph. So, take your phones, grab some footage or scan previous footage, get your machine and let Pine Tree State justify the approach through that you’ll be able to digitalize a photograph. Firstly, simply have a glance at embroidery digitizing and connected terms.

Embroidery Digitizing

The most common sort of embroidery is digitizing embroidery accustomed add footage to the embroidery. check that to possess a machine, applicable software package, and a well-experienced team of digitizers. The role of a analog-to-digital converter is to import the image, then outline the shapes and contours (vector-based images) by applying stitches to those lines to digitalize a photograph. they’ll digitalize a photograph manually or by mistreatment the auto-digitizing options of the software package.

Digitizing Software:

As we have a tendency to ar talking regarding digitalize a photograph, the role of software package can’t be neglected. Digitizing software package permits to digitalize a photograph in a very approach in order that machines will scan them simply. a number of this digitizing software package is obtainable to use with none value.

You can check free embroidery digitizing programs like ink/stitch, Embird, Hatch, etc. To digitalize a photograph, you’ll ought to invest over expected to form your work valuable.

Image Files For Embroidery

Embroidery machines don’t seem to be able to scan all kinds of files as computers do. you’ve got to decide on the correct file format in line with the machine. so as to digitalize a photograph, you would like to be accustomed to the categories of image files. Among all, JPG and PNG are thought of as best image files used for digitizing so changing into embroidery. however it will vary in line with the image sort. for instance in a very colorful image, each color can have to be compelled to be sewn out by matching thread color. Also know about design embroidery.


Pixel-based image file used for the pictures that you simply took by yourself from a phone or camera so transfer on a laptop. you’ll be able to compress this file while not losing image quality. however arduous to convert into embroidery as a result of these footage have backgrounds and colors that need further programs to convert it into embroidery.

(Pixel- Refers to the image component. after you click on the image, you’ll see however the various pixels ar united to create an image.)

You can convert a JPG file to a DST file with the employment of a background removal tool.


This file is employed for digital design and supports color variations with clear background.


Differ from PNG files and support solely 256 colors.

Vector image

Easy type of image conversion into associate embroidery file. you’ll be able to flip a JPG image into a vector image because it is simpler to digitalize a vector image. you’ll be able to store vector base pictures within the laptop within the type of points and direction lines.

Different formats of vector pictures ar AI, EPS, and SVG. Before importation an image to digitalize, check that to lower the resolution by mistreatment tools.

Raster image

Carefully select the formation pictures. To digitalize a photograph, attempt to use a straightforward image. With complicated photos, heaps of sections of color end in broken stitches. you’ll be able to use artist to change your image so as to digitalize embroidery style and might cut back the amount of threads into auto-digitization.

Step-By-Step Illustration of Digitizing a photograph To Embroidery

Step 1: take away the background of the ikon before changing it into associate embroidery file

  1. Remove the background 1st before uploading your image file. you’ll be able to copulate by mistreatment Photoshop.
  2. Click the image and delete the background. If you’re not mistreatment Photoshop, you’ll be able to do that by employing a free tool like take away. bg. (
  3. After that transfer the image that’s merely in PNG file format. As mentioned higher than, a PNG image may be a pixel-based image with a clear background.

Step 2: Use embroidery software package to convert photos into associate embroidery style

  1. We all grasp that each sort of embroidery software package has the potential to convert pictures into embroidery styles.
  2. Best among all is SewArt and Inkstitch that ar accessible at low value to convert the file sorts so as to digitalize a photograph. (Inkstitch is obtainable liberal to use).
  3. If you’re mistreatment SewArt, you’ll be able to convert JPG into a PES file. however with Inkstitch, you’ll have to be compelled to convert a pixel-based PNG file into a vector-based SVG file to digitalize a photograph.

You can conjointly use a vectorizer for this purpose. merely transfer your PNG file and it’ll end up into a vector image. Then transfer this image as associate SVG file and transfer it to Inkstitch software package.

Step 3: transfer your image

  1. After you change the image into an acceptable file sort, it’s urged to you to form 2 copies of your image files to digitalize just in case of any mishap occurring with the initial image.
  2. Upload your image file PNG or SVG into the program.

Crop the surplus space round the image you don’t need to be adorned .

Step 04- Set the required size of the look

  1. Set the length and breadth of the look in line with the realm you would like to be adorned .
  2. Measure the realm of material onto that you would like to digitalize a photograph and use these measurements to scale that image consequently.

Once you’ve got done this, lock your style size therefore it remains an equivalent throughout the method.

Step 05: cut back colors

  1. Sometimes you would like to cut back the amount of colors in line with the program you’re mistreatment.
  2. For example, SewArt imports the image file of solely half-dozen colors after you convert a pel base image to a vector base. it’s perpetually counseled to cut back colors to urge obviate speckles.
  3. The ensuing image would be of flat areas of colors.

Once you cut back the amount of colors, set the thread colors in line with the image.

Step 06: select the sew sorts

  1. In this step, you’ve got to decide on the correct stitches in line with your style to digitalize a photograph.
  2. There are sure styles of stitches used for various functions.
  3. Satin stitch is employed to style text and borders.
  4. Straight stitches are used for outlining, shading, and showing the small print.
  5. Fill sew is employed for big styles to fill the house.

You can monitor and alter the stitches by mistreatment tools provided by the program.

Step 07: take into account sew directions

  1. It is essentially the trail your machine follows to form the look.
  2. You should use caution whereas setting the sew direction throughout digitalize a photograph. Any mistake during this method will lead your style to maneuver within the wrong approach.
  3. You can conjointly like a program that gives auto-digitization options.

however these programs is costly.

Step 07- Save, Transfer, And check The File

When you have digitized your ikon, currently reserve it as associate embroidery file. Transfer it to the machine employing a USB, flash card, or directly from the pc. Get your machine prepared by checking components like choosing the needles, threads, orientation, and also the path of embroidery on the chosen space. Then the last step is to perform a sample check before really digitizing the ikon for embroidery to realize higher results. Also check ZDIGITIZING embroidery designs online.