How to Design a Trendy Aesthetic Bedroom

It’s always nice to change the look of your surroundings from time to time. If you can cultivate a home that reflects the times, this is a great way to keep yourself from getting complacent. One of the rooms you probably spend a lot of time in is the bedroom. If you’d like to curate your bedroom aesthetic to include current trends, consider the following tips.

Start with an Inspiration/Vision Board

It’s always good to have inspiration, direction, and a plan. If you’re just walking into a store with the hopes of purchasing anything you deem trendy, you’re setting yourself up for an unnecessary challenge. Instead, use a vision board in order to help you get an idea of the aesthetic you want. Pay attention to what your favorite influencers do to decorate their homes. Get inspiration from the looks you actually like. Then, you can customize and adjust the look based on what’s available to you without wasting money. 

Include Lots of Natural Textures

If you glance at many of the trending decor looks, you’ll see lots of concrete/cement detailing. Whether it’s through the artwork or accessories, lots of people enjoy seeing the most natural details in their raw form. You can make a large statement by purchasing furniture that includes natural detailing like distressed wood. Look for bedroom furniture sets with interesting detailing that reflects inspiration from nature.

Consider a Monochromatic Look

A monochromatic look is an easy way to bring cohesiveness to a space. Consider the pieces that take up the most space and make the biggest impact. Items like the curtains, comforters, and pillows are some of the most eye-catching features in a room. Make them white, beige, or another neutral color in order to allow them to be the backdrop for the pops of color or accessories you opt to include.

Incorporate Stunning Art

To add artwork, take a multi-pronged approach. Start by including lovely pieces you can hang on your wall. What’s trending most is the matte black picture frames that hang in a perfectly aligned grid. It makes for a lovely gallery wall feature. This is a classy way to display your children’s artwork, family photos, and inspirational quotes. Furthermore, take it a step further by including different types of artwork. Pottery and chain decorative objects are currently trending as popular artwork styles to include.

Resist the urge to rush the process by purchasing a ton of furniture at once. You’re building an aesthetic that takes time. If you try to rush and purchase a bunch of things at once, you’ll end up with items you don’t like or need in six months. Instead, let the process remain organic. As you become acclimated with what the bedroom needs, you’ll be able to create a trendy aesthetic you can’t wait to come home to.