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How To Decorate Your Room In The Bohemian Style?

Want to add colours and make your room fun but can’t decide on the kind of style to decorate your room with? Then, go freestyle! In simple words, you can decorate your home in a Bohemian style. 

Bohemian style is great for people who wants to add a lot of colour and texture to the decor style. It is perfect for you if you lack the idea of structure. This type of theme is a mix-match of various styles, textures, and patterns. Boho style gives the space a more personal touch which is comforting and gives the residents a homey and comfy feel. You can also decorate your room in a Bohemian pattern just by keeping a few things in mind.

Here are some of the ways suggested by interior designers in Delhi to decorate a room using the Bohemian style:

1. Soft & Comfy:

One of the ways through which a Bohemian-styled space is recognised is by the soft and welcoming texture. As suggested by many of the interior decorators in Delhi, decorating a room with comfortable furniture and light textures is a great way. You can go with many vibrant colours for pillows, bed covers, furniture covers, and other fabrics in your home. Also, you can paint your room’s walls with any neutral colour themes for a much more soothing effect. Besides, since there will be so many colours involved, neutral colours will act as a good base for that. Just remember that comfort is the new trend and you are set!

2. Patterns Are The Definition For Boho Style:

Bohemian Style also commonly known as the Boho Style is a combination of many patterns. You can mix various kinds of styles and textures in one place by decorating them in the form of patterns. You can go bold with the combination of colours like violet and gold or you can also make everything look chic and mild with the combination of peach and raspberry. Many of the interior designers in Delhi advise their clients to keep it balanced with the other furnishings if you are going overboard with textures and a variety of patterns in your room.

3. Attach Essence Of Nature:

Nothing screams wild and free than the various elements of nature. It is evident in many of the images for the Bohemian-styled rooms, that there are at least three plants present in them. To complete your Boho look, decorate your rooms with potted plants, wallpaper murals of natural landscapes, or furniture made from a certain kind of wood. You would be delighted to know that the theme of nature is going on trend in almost every style of decorating in the present time. You can also take advice from some of the best interior decorators in Delhi regarding this look.

4. Low-Level Seating:

As already mentioned in this article, that bohemian style reflects the personal touch and the personalities people have. So, if you are the type of person who loves having loved ones at your home and spending time with them, then you can decorate your place with lots of low-level seating furniture. According to some of the best interior designers in Delhi, ottomans, leather pouffes, bean bags, as well as floor pillows are some of the great pieces of furniture for people to just lie down and relax. By adding these kinds of furniture to your home, you are giving your friends and acquaintances a welcoming and cosy vibe.

5. Make It A One Colour Charm:

Since you might be going loud with various patterns, textures, lighting, and other decorating objects, then you can subdue the effect to a natural essence by painting your room with a single colour. This will keep the focus of the onlookers on the many artefacts and designs in your place without being too much. You can choose a light ocean blue colour or neutral soft colours for this task. A single-coloured room will work as an amazing background for your many patterns and textures in the room, suggests interior designers in Delhi.

6. Ambient Lighting:

Lighting has always played a very important role in the design as well as the decoration of a room or a home. By installing various kinds of light fixtures, a person can set the mood for different events, can make an artefact or an object shine, or can diminish the absolute attention of the people. 

The interior decorators in Delhi believe that by going with the ambient type of lighting a person can complete their room’s Bohemian look. You can go with a counter placed and low-level lighting fixtures, instead of the ceiling or overhead ones. Candles, lamps, light strings, lanterns, and many others will give your room a more cosy and charming look.

So, by following these pointers, advised by one of the best interior designers in Delhi, Latest Interiors, you can also give your room or your entire home the most astonishing Bohemian look that everyone will admire you for. So, give your place the personal touch along with maintaining the style statement every home deserves.