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Scrape LinkedIn Data For Different Industries & Countries Using LinkedIn Company Scraper

How Can I Scrape LinkedIn Data For Different Industries & Countries?

Why Use LinkedIn For B2B Data?

LinkedIn is an incredible source of business data that offers business leads for various industries. A large number of people manually search for contact information for company profiles or user profiles listed on LinkedIn. Around 800 million Internet users worldwide use LinkedIn services for marketing and business growth. LinkedIn has millions of users and approximately 70-80% of LinkedIn searches for b2b leads, job hiring, or b2b marketing. LinkedIn is the most popular social media website for professionals in the world, with 94% of marketers sharing their content daily.

Since there are millions of users, it is very difficult to manually collect targeted data for targeted industries and countries from millions of company profiles. There are more than 55 million companies listed on LinkedIn. You can create this data collection process easily with LinkedIn scraping tools. You can scrape data of any company profile using LinkedIn Company Extractor software. Let’s talk more about LinkedIn Company Scraper.

Scrape Data For Any Industry & Country With LinkedIn Company Extractor

Get business data from LinkedIn in seconds for the sole purpose of generating B2B leads. LinkedIn Company Scraper is a powerful LinkedIn scraping tool that helps your business and b2b marketing campaigns to grow by creating B2B leads from LinkedIn. LinkedIn Contact Finder extracts company name, email address, phone number, website, social media links, emails, connections, etc. automatically from LinkedIn company profiles. You can install it on any Windows program to use.

You can add profile URLs or your keywords to the tool’s search bar to collect targeted data. LinkedIn URL Scraper is a hassle-free data extraction tool that helps companies retrieve valuable data from LinkedIn business profiles without coding. The data scraping tool allows you to store data in different ready-to-use formats such as Excel, Text, CSV, etc.

Why Choose LinkedIn Company Extractor?


No coding is required to use it. Just install the software and start extracting data from LinkedIn. Specify only the LinkedIn Scraper profiles you want to scrape or you can search your targeted industry profiles with scraping keywords. LinkedIn Scraper provides the exact data you were looking for from LinkedIn.

Extract Data With Fastest Speed

LinkedIn Email Extractor is the best scraper to scrape data from LinkedIn to excel due to its accuracy and speed. You can get up to 1000-12000 LinkedIn company profiles data in a day using this LinkedIn data extractor tool.

Accuracy Is Guaranteed.

You make important decisions with your data and want your data to be highly accurate. The accuracy of scraped data is very high as the data is scraped directly from LinkedIn company pages. With LinkedIn Email Grabber you can always trust your data.

Schedule LinkedIn Scraping

Interested in collecting LinkedIn data on specific days of the week? Proceed! Schedule your scraping tasks with web scraping software – daily, weekly, or monthly.

Top Rated And Reliable LinkedIn Data Scraper

If you are looking for a top-rated web scraper for LinkedIn then luckily you found it. LinkedIn Company Extractor is the most trusted software to extract data from LinkedIn and is used by more than 20,000 users monthly.

Save Data In An Organized Way.

Users can retrieve data for all business profiles from LinkedIn for future use in organized CSV, Excel, or text file formats. Web Data Extractor allows you to convert all collected data into organized content.

See How Software Works?