Honeymoon Houseboat Tour in Kerala: Your Floating Home on Backwaters

A houseboat trip in Kerala is an experience like no other and shouldn’t be missed. Continue reading to find out why I describe this experience as different. I chose to take a houseboat cruise as a regular tourist, not a tour guide, in order to do my review. I reserved a houseboat (under a different name, of course) for our wedding anniversary this July and kept the crew in the dark. Houseboat Tour in Kerala, I conducted a similar experiment with hotels in order to gain firsthand experience. At noon, we boarded the houseboat from one of Alleppey’s jetties. Kerala Boathouse Honeymoon Package can be booked to enjoy the fascinating houseboat stay in Kerala with your loving partner during your honeymoon.

Sliding through Kerala’s immaculate backwaters is as easy and pleasurable as travelling there. This willowy state has many ecstasies to offer, from the coasts that are totally covered in coconut palm trees and gently sloping tea hills to the tiger and elephant sanctuaries. This magnificent region of the south is incredibly well-known for its top-notch spices and exciting commercial ports like Fort Kochi. You will find the white, dirty beaches in this stunning place, lined up one after the other with enormous-looking coconuts. Know all about the houseboat tour in Kerala to plan your memorable honeymoon trip to Kerala.

What To Expect From Kerala Houseboats

Keralan houseboats exist in a variety of sizes and styles, from the most basic to the most opulent. Even houseboats with swimming pools and spas exist.

The smallest and largest houseboats each contain one bedroom. Some have sundecks on their rooftops. Remember that the confined canals can only accommodate houseboats with one or two bedrooms. Larger houseboats can’t fit here; shorter journeys are preferable for them.

With living rooms, dining rooms, modern conveniences, air conditioning, and private toilets, the majority of houseboats are fairly comfortable. An onboard chef will prepare all of your meals for you. Before departing, the majority of houseboats would ask you to choose whether you prefer vegetarian or non-vegetarian meals.

Be mindful that you will be on the water a lot. It’s not often that travelers visiting India have the opportunity to slow down, disconnect from life, and take in the scenery. Kerala houseboat packages can be booked to make your honeymoon in Kerala the most memorable and comfortable.

Where To Find Kerala Backwaters

The majority of Kerala’s backwaters run from the significant port city of Kochi to the coastal town of Kollam. Backwaters do exist, nevertheless, in the state’s far north and south. Alleppey, located about two hours south of Kochi, is the primary starting place for a trip through Kerala’s backwaters. Alleppey is the epicenter of backwater houseboat tourism and is also known as the City of Canals and the Venice of the East. Houseboats are also very popular in the nearby town of Kumarakom.

Kerala Houseboat Routes and What to See


Alleppey and Kumarakom roundtrips are the most popular Keralan houseboat routes. The canals that make up the Alleppey waterways are a combination of wide and tiny, and they are interspersed with villages and rice fields. There are factories you can see in Alleppey, which is also a center for the production of coir. During the Kerala houseboat tour, you will be mesmerized by the enormous Lake Vembanad that dominates Kumarakom, which has bigger waterways (one of the largest freshwater lakes in Asia).

The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and Pathiramanal Island are the highlights of this route. Here, among many other bird species, you can witness cormorants, herons, and kingfishers.


The unusual Alleppey-Kuttanad route via Punnamada Lake will appeal to those who want to escape the oversupply of houseboats. This includes the tranquil waterways around Thakazhi, Nedumudi, and Thottappally. Rice is fascinatingly grown below sea level in the Kuttanad area, which is known as the Rice Bowl of Kerala.’

Kollam – Ashtamudi Lake

Kollam has become more well-known as a backwater destination, although it hasn’t yet turned into a tourist hotspot.

Due to its significant history, it provides a very distinct experience from Alleppey and Kumarakom. Its cashew industry is prospering, and it has one of the state’s oldest commercial ports on the coast. The main destination for houseboat excursions in this region is Ashtamudi Lake, which is home to mangroves and migrating birds. There are more than 15 islands in the lake.

Kozhikode backwaters

About five hours north of Kochi, the pristine Kozhikode backwaters are located close to Kappad Beach and the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary. Considering that Vasco Da Gama, a Portuguese explorer, first set foot in this region in the 15th century, it is also significant historically. The Canolly Canal, the Kallai River, and Ellathur Village are among the houseboat tour routes.

One-way houseboat trips

You could go by houseboat one way, from one place to another, for example, from Alleppey to Kumarakom. If the boat has to go back to where it left off, the price can go up. The two-night, longer one-way trip between Alleppey and Kollam is perfect for this route. With its numerous tiny canals, open fields, and isolated settlements, it is incredibly picturesque. Additionally, it passes Amma’s (The Hugging Mother) Ashram in Amritapuri. The construction of houseboats at Alumkadavu is another attraction along the route. You can opt for Kerala Backwaters Tour to experience the best trip to Kerala.

Kerala Foods on Houseboat

A typical Keralan supper, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives as well as the specialty dish of pearl spot fry, will be provided to you on the houseboat.As the boat travels, you can even purchase fresh fish and have it prepared to your preferences. To make your houseboat trip an unforgettable experience, the cook and the crew are always willing to help.

Apart from that, this will be a totally different experience when the boat slid closer to the lake. Before continuing to float into the lake, the guide briefly stopped at a little toddy shop so that we could buy local goodies like tapioca, fish curry, Karimeen fry, and, of course, toddy.

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How to Book Kerala Houseboat Tour for Honeymoon

Online reservations can be made for houseboats in Alleppey. You may book a houseboat stay with only a few clicks and by responding to a few questions. As an alternative, you can request that brokers and online travel agencies like Lock Your Trip make a reservation for you on the best available possibilities.

The best houseboats in Alleppey can be found at Rainbow Cruises. Families and couples are in great demand for their well-maintained, spacious, lovely, and exquisite houseboats.

Both affordable and luxurious houseboats in Alleppey can be easily reserved weeks in advance. Therefore, book early to take advantage of exceptional deals and luxurious lodgings.

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