Hiding Hair Extensions in Thin Hair: Your Ultimate Guide!

Are you tired of going through the vicious cycle of waiting for your hair to grow? Getting tired of waiting and then chopping it all off just to be right where you started? Wishing you had more hair! If you have thin hair, clip-in hair extensions should be your best friend. These will help you achieve the perfect length and volume as per your requirements. But as we know, everything has two sides.

One thing that can be a little thorny is blending the clips in your natural locks, ensuring they are not visible and your extensions look just as if you have spent the last few years growing them. But not to worry! Like always, Aashi Beauty is here to save the day. Look at our super-easy guide on hiding hair extensions in thin hair, including the most common mistakes to avoid.

In this article, we will take a look at how we can hide hair extensions in thin hair. Plus we will also look at the mistakes that one should avoid when wearing these extensions.

Let’s glance!

How to put hair extensions in thin hair?

Do you recognize how frustrating it can be to expend ages holding your weft to find the pins driving out or feel that they are uncomfortably pulling at your scalp? Having thin hair can make life even more complicated as your locks will be slightly more prone to breakages. So, clipping in wefts will require far more care. But this doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy beautifully long, thick, and voluminous locks. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the following:

Choose the right extensions

So first things first! Before even considering perfecting your technique, you will need to determine the right hair extensions. Their beauty is that they are available in different lengths and weights, meaning it wouldn’t be easier to select those that will transform your locks without any damage.

Create a base

Once you have purchased your extensions, it’s time to test fitting them for the first time. The key to victory is creating a solid base for the wefts. This will help them stay secure and camouflage the clips. It will also prevent the clips from twitching at your hair, which can get super painful.

Find a zone

One of the essential stages of doing your extensions in thin hair is uncovering your ‘safe zone. This is the section of hair where the clips are not visible, any higher than this zone, and you won’t have enough natural hair to hide the clips. Generally, your ‘safe zone’ tumbles in any section below your eyebrows. So to find it, follow the line from under your brows to the back of your head. The hair underneath this line is where you will clip in your extensions.

Decide on position

Before beginning to clip in extensions, you will benefit from experimenting with different positions. The last thing you want to do is section out your hair, prepare your extensions and mock the root to find that the weft doesn’t quite look right in that position. Everyone has dissimilar hair types and head shapes, so this may take some trial and error. As your hair will be slightly thinner, you’ll need to pay more attention to the position with plenty of natural hair to cover the clips on top of the wefts.

Style your hair

You can style these hair extensions just as you would do so your natural locks! With your latest gorgeously long mane, the style opportunities are endless. But for those with thin hair, their favorite might be a soft curl. Curling your extensions with your natural hair will be much easier to hide, perfecting your blend. Be sure to pick sections that combine your hair and extensions, then curl these together. 

What are the mistakes to avoid when blending these extensions with natural hair?

Clips are close to the scalp

Many believe that for their results to look natural, they need to clip their tape-in hair extensions as close to the scalp as possible. Therefore, this is not the case, especially with thin hair. Instead, position your clips just a little further down, allowing more movement in your extensions, and helping the results look more natural. It will also prevent any tension on your scalp, leaving your head feeling tender when you eventually remove your clip-ins.

Clips are too high on the head

Attempting to blend your wefts when clipped too high on the head? If your hair is naturally thin, most of your hair is likely nearer to the scruff of your neck. This means it will become impossible to hide your clips. Not only this, but your hair will also look choppy rather than blended.

Using too many wefts

There is such a thing as having too much hair, as much as we hate to acknowledge it. It might be tempting to utilize every last weft if you have treated yourself to new clip-in extensions but resist the urge to wear all of them at once. It all depends on how it looks and feels for you; some individuals may only require two wefts, while others may want to wear four.

Hiding baby hairs

This one is for you if, like many of us, you have those thin hairs around the nape of your neck. There is a super-simple solution to cover your baby’s hair, frequently giving away the fact that you are using extensions.

Simply start twisting your shorter hair at one ear and working your way to the other, then secure the twist with a bobby pin. This not only hides your newborn hair but also provides you with a foundation for cutting your first weft!

Crimp instead of back-combing!

Backcombing is not for everyone. If you nod your head in accord, then crimping is the ideal substitute for you. Crimping the hair area closest to the root will accomplish the same goal as using this crimper hair tool, which gives the clips texture to grasp.

Make them last longer

By using the appropriate hair treatments, you can maximize the longevity of your extensions. When it comes time to wash your hair, we recommend selecting a product from our hair care range.

  • Do hair extensions damage your hair?

No, hair extensions are made of quality materials and don’t damage your hair. Instead, these can help you get a wonderful yet elegant look.

  • Where to get the best clip-in hair extensions?

You can surf online and find a reputed online store that sells these extensions. 

  • Can I curl and straighten hair extensions?

Yes! You can curl and straighten your hair extensions just like natural hair.

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Nothing is more thrilling than receiving brand-new clip-in hair extensions at your door, ready for installation! While the idea of doing so for the first time might be intimidating, with the help of our helpful advice, you will quickly develop a flawless extension-fitting routine.