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Healthcare Call Center for Hospitals- Why and How to Set Up?

In almost every part of the world, call centers for healthcare practices are available as an outsourced service model for more efficient business management.

Hospital call centers improve relationships between patients and healthcare providers. About 2/3rd of all hospitals in the United States use healthcare call center services for various purposes, and this number is constantly growing with further growth and development in the field of medicine.

However, with the growing number of phone calls and patient inquiries, it is more difficult for healthcare organizations to provide a balanced patient experience and customer service. Setting up healthcare call center services becomes the need of the hour.

This creates the need to set up a hospital call center in-house or outsourced.

Here’s how to set up a healthcare call center.

Although the Internet and smartphones are becoming popular communication channels for providing self-help services, live call center agent assistance through support calls is still one of the most common and preferred channels for people in need of medical assistance.

This guide will discuss how healthcare BPO services providers can help patients and providers.

What is a hospital call center?

Hospital call centers, also called medical call centers or healthcare call centers, serve as a confluence for patients and healthcare teams. It helps in providing information on online messaging, patient demographics, and all medical records in one place.

With the advent of advanced technologies, the healthcare sector is also shifting gears toward delivering multi-prolonged counseling. From the first question to post-recovery consultation, healthcare call center services focus on providing a seamless patient experience. A healthcare-based call center is a common way to manage many different interactions with patients and agents. Traditionally, call centers focus on general functions such as appointment scheduling and referrals.

However, modern healthcare BPO services providers perform special functions. Not only do they schedule and reschedule appointments, but also nurse triage and advertising strategies. In short, it is a multidisciplinary department that provides home telemedicine, home health care, and emergency medical services faster, easier, and more efficiently.

 Importance of the telephone triage process

Hiring healthcare call center services make everything simplified by the telephone testing process to assess the symptoms.

This is important because some patients are not sure if they are experiencing a real emergency, and others may have transportation issues or other reasons. Triage treats hundreds of patients every day by classifying them according to their needs and their health background.

With so many healthcare options available in every region, it helps in sorting patients into the right healthcare department. And booking a convenient time for an appointment with a trained healthcare professional in your area.

Healthcare call center services: The benefits:

Offering call centers for a healthcare practice to patients can be great for almost any healthcare system. Partnerships will provide patients with 24-hour hospital call centers with emergency department metrics and lower rates of re-admission.

In addition, it ensures that patients receive the help they need from experienced triage nurses.

Below mentioned are some of the benefits of a healthcare BPO services providers:

Improved Human Resource Services:

To save the in-house cost of the HR team, outsourcing human resources, including administration and benefits assistance, is one of the best choices to make. Outsourcing partners can help you create employee manuals and handbooks, hire and train employees, and more.

Better Payroll Management:

Outsourcing payroll management can provide timely and accurate payments to your employees.

Information Technology Integration:

The global healthcare IT outsourcing market is forecast to reach $61.2 billion by 2023, according to a report by Transparency Market Research. With the rise in electronic communication platforms, digital payments have become the new trend to maintain, especially in healthcare. Outsourcing IT services will encourage maintaining electronic health records and implementing cloud computation.

Error-free Medical Billing:

Healthcare BPO services providers are well versed in particular fields they are assigned to work for. Hospitals and healthcare professionals deal in processing numerous medical records every day. However, unlike any other industry, medical coding and billing can be complicated. Outsourcing your medical billing services to healthcare call centers can provide you with a specially-trained team to deal with these records. Following specific industry-set standards and rules, Healthcare outsourcing partners can help you prevent any coding and billing hiccups.

Medical Claims:

Patient claims are a critical concern in the healthcare industry. By associating with a medical claims processing team, you can stay updated with the latest regulation changes.

Data Entry Services:

To treat patients, healthcare requires capturing and updating large volumes of medical data every day. Managing lab reports, prescriptions, patient insurance details, patient records, and medical information needs utter efficiency. Outsourcing data entry activities will free up your time and resources for other core healthcare activities.

Patient Care and Clinical Services:

Healthcare industry has specifically observed a glaring growth in terms of outsourcing clinical services that include diagnostic imaging and patient care services like pharmacy and therapy. Outsourcing these would result in enhancing the ability of the health care centers to provide good services.

Efficient Data Collection and Analysis:

Outsourcing healthcare call center services to a BPO company will provide you with the latest technology for data collection and analysis without investing in excess capital. Outsourcing partners can deliver prompt and accurate Healthcare plan information to your members through voice, email, and chat from billing, clinical research, and quality services.

Associating with experienced Healthcare BPO partners or finding HIPAA-Compliance experienced agents are viable options to help ease the burden of open enrollment on your permanent agent workforce. However, selecting the best outsourcing partner depends upon your verification to ensure the best healthcare journey.


Healthcare BPO services providers can be an indispensable component of your patient engagement strategy. It’s essential to select a call center that is solely focused on access and engagement and not one that has its attention diverted by revenue cycle or triage tasks.

To stay ahead of the competitors in the Healthcare industry and meet the continuously growing demands of healthcare services, hiring a healthcare BPO company is the cleverest choice any organization can make. Healthcare call centers have an eagle-eye focus on your essential business offerings so you can focus on your growth.