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Get the Most Out of Your Manage Booking Option With Spirit Airlines

If you have ever considered using an alternative airline, you might have been quickly discouraged by the thought of having to manage your Spirit flight online. Luckily, it’s not nearly as hard as it seems and can actually save you time and money in the long run. Here are some tips on getting the most out of your Spirit Airlines Manage Booking option with Spirit Airlines!

Spirit Airlines check on flight status

While many people use Spirit manage booking to rebook their Spirit flights, others use it for other purposes. The most common is checking flight status—and it’s possible that doing so will be easier than you think. If you want to check flight status, first search for your flight by number. When you find your info and Contact Spirit Airlines, click Manage my booking and then choose View Spirit Airlines reservations and/or activity details. On the next page click on View Spirit Airlines Status, located in blue print at left center of screen.

See all your reservations at once

Whether you’re planning a trip for business or pleasure, it can be overwhelming to look at all your Spirit Airlines Flights Customer Service. There is a way to view them all in one place, and that’s through your online travel agency (OTA) account. To do so, you first have to make sure that you’ve linked your airline accounts with your OTA account (you can usually do that when Spirit Airlines flight booking). Once you’ve done that, log into your OTA account and click Spirit Manage My Reservation. This will show you all of your upcoming reservations in one place. Simply select Manage next to each reservation and change any details as needed—like seat assignments or payment information.

Renew an existing reservation

The best way to avoid canceling a reservation is to never have to cancel it in the first place. Renew your reservation as soon as you can, which will automatically cancel it if you don’t do so before its departure date. You can do so from your smartphone (or tablet), or go online at any time and choose RENEW FLIGHT. Be sure that you have enough balance on your account when doing so, since every Spirit flight booking requires a $10 fee for changing/renewing.

Modify an existing reservation

You’re probably aware that airlines often charge different prices for different seating (premium economy vs. first class, in-demand coach seats vs. aisle and window). If you have an existing Spirit Airlines reservations but want to change it—whether due to availability or price—your best bet is usually to call your airline’s reservations line and ask them to modify your Spirit Airlines Booking. What they don’t tell you, however, is that even if you do so by phone number Spirit Airlines, most carriers will charge a fee ($10 or more) unless it’s done at least 24 hours before your flight departs (sometimes 48 hours). Given how simple it is to make changes on a computer/phone app, avoid having to do so last minute.

Cancel a Spirit Airlines reservations

If you need to cancel a reservation, don’t worry—it can be done online. Go to Manage Bookings on your online account and scroll down to find your specific flight. Once there, look for Reservation Details, which will include options for what you can do with that reservation. It’s in that area where you can cancel a reservation; just click on Cancel Reservation and follow the prompts from there. The Spirit Airlines Flight cancellation process generally takes about 15 minutes, after which time you will no longer have a hold on any of your credit cards.