Gemstones in India and their significance

Gemstones in India and their significance

The Indians’ belief in gemstones is not a new phenomenon. Indians have long believed in the power of gemstones. Gems in India are a ray of hope and are thought to contain certain energies that aid in the removal of obstacles or difficulties that a person may be experiencing. Each planet is represented by a different gemstone that carries out energies to reverse the unfavourable conditions of planets in a horoscope.

People regard gemstones in India as more than just a piece of jewellery but as a positive source of energy and luck.

Whether a common person or a celebrity, whether there are obstacles in one’s career or the beginning of a new phase of life, an individual’s horoscope and appropriate gemstones are suggested to be protected from any negative consequences.

Following are some of the most popular gemstones in India, their significance, and their benefits.

Planets and the native gemstones in Indian astrology

  1. Sun – Ruby
  2. Mercury – Panna
  3. Jupiter – Yellow Sapphire
  4. Saturn – Blue Sapphire
  5. Ketu – Cat’s Eye

Ruby stones in India

Ruby, also known as Manik stone, is a reddish-pink precious stone belonging to the corundum family. It is known as the king of gems in India. Ruby stone in India is considered one of the most magnificent gems in India. It has made a loyal position in gemstones in India.

It is related to the planet sun, which is considered the strongest planet in the solar system. Sun rules not only vitality and physical health but can also make an individual the centre of attraction.


According to Indian astrology, wearing ruby can help you advance in your career, social status, love, and power.

  • It strengthens family bonds.
  • It increases physical stamina and vitality.
  • It improves blood flow and heals the heart.
  • It aids in its defence against negative forces.
  • It assists the individual in gaining power or central authority.
  • The wearer gains independence.
  • It also aids in the advancement of communication skills.

Panna stone in India


Panna stone in India is a Beryl mineral that is naturally green and one of the most important gemstones in Indian Vedic Astrology. It is also known as green emerald.

The Panna stone represents Mercury (Budh), a small but powerful planet that strongly influences a person’s life.

Panna is considered to have an aura and aesthetic value in Western Astrology as well.


  • It contributes to financial growth.
  • It aids in the success of creative endeavours.
  • It increases intellect and wisdom. It improves oral communication skills.
  • It is thought to improve the senses and soothe the skin.
  • It keeps the marital relationship harmonious and loving.

Yellow sapphire in India

Yellow sapphire in India, also known as ‘Pukhraj,’ is a Corundum mineral. It is regarded as the most secure gemstone and is a symbol of divine and grace.

According to ancient astrology, a well-known gemstone among all gemstones, it is associated with Jupiter (Brihaspati), the most powerful planet of all.

It is a mystical gemstone that brings about positive changes in the wearer’s life while also balancing all aspects.


  • It is a divine gemstone that sends blessings to the wearer.
  • It brings mental peace and aids in the attainment of spiritual knowledge.
  • It brings success and aids in setting goals in business and academics.
  • It contributes to the wearer’s economic and social standing.
  • Aids in the maintenance of marital bliss and is also beneficial in the conception of children.
  • It has healing properties that aid in the rejuvenation of the wearer’s health.

Blue sapphire in India


Blue sapphire in India is said to be the most powerful and fast-acting gemstone. It is also known as Neelam stone in India. It is the gemstone of the planet Saturn (Shani) and is known as the ‘Jyotish’ gemstone in Vedic Astrology.

This blue-coloured gemstone, which also belongs to the Corundum family, aids wearers in paving their way through life’s most difficult times.

Lord Saturn is known as the ‘Lord of Perseverance,’ and he is a strict disciplinarian. As a result, the wearer should be fully aware of all facts and should only wear this gemstone after thoroughly analysing all conditions.


  • It aids in moving forward in life by removing stagnancy and gloominess.
  • It aids in maintaining discipline and learning the art of patience
  • It aids in bringing clarity to thoughts, eliminating confusion, and decision-making.
  • It improves focus and attention
  • It draws negative energies from the body and bestows fame, position, success, and wealth on the wearer.
  • It also helps with health benefits and meditation.
  • It balances the Crown Chakra, resulting in the balancing of cosmic energies.

Cat’s Eye stone in India


Cat’s eye stone in India is also known as Lehsunia. Lehsunia is a semi-precious gemstone that is found in various colours like black, honey, grey, and yellowish-green.

The gemstone is said to be most beneficial during Ketu’s malefic phase, or ‘Dasa.’ It has mystical, miraculous, and superb healing properties that act as a protective shield against negative energies and unwelcome dangers.

  • It improves creativity, intellect, optimism, and work concentration.
  • It provides courage to face any problem and provides a keen insight into positive judgement.
  • It fosters inner peace and calm, as well as qualities such as self-discipline, generosity, and foresight.
  • It bestows fame, fortune, and luxuries on the wearer and boosts wealth status by increasing fortunes.
  • Professional life is improving, which aids in future development.
  • It aids in the awakening of spiritual abilities and the smooth detachment from materialistic or worldly pleasures.