Future of Plastics – Plastic Innovations and Technologies – Sustainability in Packaging Conference

Our Future of Plastics conference brings together key industry partners to discuss how we tackle plastics pollution and find solutions that drive change. The forum will focus on practical and realistic solutions that are sustainable, innovative and scalable.

This significant annual sustainability in packaging conference brings together key industry players from across the value chain for a series of interactive working groups and conference sessions.

Over the course of three days we’ll take a deep dive into how companies are tackling plastics pollution and meeting targets. We will look at a range of plastic innovations and technologies which are working towards plastic reductions. The forum will focus on practical and realistic solutions that are sustainable, innovative and scalable. The objective of the conference is to drive progress that works for consumers, the environment, utility and business reality.

It is well known that plastics use – and therefore impact – has increased during the ongoing pandemic. Companies can easily be blamed. Although the true picture is highly complex, businesses are under increasing pressure from all sides to go further and faster to reduce their plastics footprint. To start the conference we will have experts cover the key drivers for change. We will focus on: Consumer insights, NGO perspectives, Policy pressures and Human health impacts.

IF is a purpose driven business based in London. Our people have collectively worked in sustainability for decades. Our mission is to help make sustainability mainstream in business. As a platform for change, we research, create, and facilitate debate-driven, focused events and discussions tackling the critical business sustainability challenges around the world. We support this work with online publishing, analysis and in-depth research into challenges we know are essential for business innovation towards sustainability, the circular economy, improved resilience and regeneration.
Innovation Forum convenes a series of Action Research initiatives across a range of issues and industries. In each case, IF conducts independent, in-depth research over a number of months that is designed to produce practical guidance and action. These initiatives are annual and are represent a continued process of engagement and dialogue with key stakeholders.

Innovation Forum is launching an in-depth industry research project to assess climate action within food and beverage supply chains.

See here for our plans for the next phase of our work on smallholder supply chains Low famer incomes, human rights abuses and environmental degradation still plague sm.

The textile and apparel sector is under intense scrutiny over its environmental and human impacts. In response, a number of initiatives and approaches are being taken.

This week: Peter Williams, president of the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction talks about the work of the institute in the rural communities of southeast Asia and Africa, some of the factors that are necessary points of focus for effective development projects, and the IIRR’s climate smart village model.

Plus: Una Kent, vice-president CSR international, at WallgreenBootsAlliance on her thoughts about the key points from a half-day conference on climate change and human health co-hosted by WBA and Innovation Forum.

And, COP26 momentum builds despite Russia and China apparent no-shows; UN biodiversity COP pledges net-positive impacts; Credit Suisse fined for Mozambique tuna sector corruption; and La Isla Network’s work on potential climate change impacts on agriculture commodity supply chains worker health gaining traction, in the news roundup.

Host: Ian Welsh

Please note this podcast was recorded before it was announced that Queen Elizabeth would not be able to attend the COP26 meetings. 

To round off the year are extracts from some of the interviews that have featured in the Innovation Forum podcast during 2021.

First up are Sarah Rogerson and Emma Thomson from Global Canopy discussing the 2021 Forest 500 report. Then hear from Innovation Forum’s Toby Webb talking with forest expert Simon Lord about the unintended consequences of just planting trees. Ford’s Jim Gawron gives some insight into the growth of the electric vehicle market. Dole Food’s Xavier Roussel talks about how to engage consumers on sustainability matters. Forest Trends’ Stephen Donofrio gives his views on the rise and rise of the voluntary carbon market. And, Molly Jensen and Rachael Howie, pupils at the High School of Glasgow, discuss the COP26 meetings and their hopes for the future.
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