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Freelancer VS Mobile App Development Company: Which is a Better Choice?

I had a conversation with a friend about his experience working with a freelance application developer. We stated that it’s an experience that is unique to work with someone who is driven by their passion and is not tied to an organization. A mobile app development company also spoke about some of the disappointing issues like poor communication, improper management of the project, and poor quality checks.

He was happy with the price he was paying. Costs for designing the entire product were less expensive than the fees charged by agencies for similar services. He wanted to know what happens should he do if he engages an app development company. Would it be better to avoid disappointments like this? After hearing about his experience, I had thought in my head everything that comes into being has pros and pros. Therefore, the decision should take into consideration which of the two alternatives has more benefits. This idea prompted me to research freelancers and companies that develop apps. Based on my findings I’m writing an article to help you know what criteria must be adhered to by entrepreneurs before selecting an app development service company.

With the exponential growth in the number of people using cell phones, companies must not be able to afford to neglect the mobile application platform. The total of 6.1 billion users of mobile phones will likely grow in the next years. Large companies such as Facebook and Amazon have seen huge growth in a short period thanks to the development of apps for business. If you’re a proprietor of a well-established company or are planning to establish your business mobile app could aid you in numerous ways. If you are looking for user-friendly and revenue-generating mobile apps, you can take advantage of the services of mobile app development. You can choose to work with an agency or freelance developer.

Here are some crucial things to take into consideration before deciding to hire an app development agency or a freelancer.


The first step to consider before hiring a service provider. It will provide insight into their experience and expertise in the industry. Look up the URLs of their apps in the app store that they have previously developed. A portfolio review can help you learn about the technologies they employ to design and develop web applications. You’ll learn the standard practices they use to build scalable and reliable mobile applications.

Reviews of clients

There are various open discussion platforms such as Clutch or GoodFirms. You can read real reviews from customers. They will give honest reviews about the service and product’s quality. Based on the feedback of their customers, you will know the level of service provided and whether the service provider is worthwhile to hire or not. You will receive the final information if the customer is pleased and satisfied, and then you will consider the vendor to be the best one for your business. In this age of social media, the owners do not believe in the value of advice from experts. Considering the opinions of real customers who have utilized the service as the most trustworthy. The opinion of the client is crucial to ensure that the company will meet your expectations about problem-solving capabilities, and how serious he is about the business goals you have set.


Be sure to receive regular updates on the status of your project. Professional service providers are in constant contact with you through all possible channels. He is committed to continuous contact with his clients. There should be a designated project manager on hand to take your calls according to your requirements. Uncommunication can result in the absence of ideas or lack of information sharing. It can lead to chaos during an entire production cycle. Your project manager must be able to communicate with you according to your requirements.


Accountability is a way of having an open dialogue between you and your developer. He should provide a transparent and goal-driven evaluation of your project’s scheduling and budget. He will give you an accurate picture of the process flow and what it will take to complete.


NDA is the main concern for entrepreneurs of all kinds. Be sure that the information about your company you share with your partner company or with an individual doesn’t get out. Data security should be a top concern for any business partner.

The range of services offered

The hiring agency may provide all of the services from front-end development through back-end development. Other services such as branding or marketing your product could be offered in one location. When you hire a freelancer, they will provide you with one service. It’s an absolute dream to find someone with a high level of expertise in all platforms and technologies. You can’t expect freelancers to be able to cover all areas of expertise across various platforms and technologies.

Daily Project Report

Are you stuck in the middle of development or a loop? Entrepreneurs must be aware of the progress of their projects. Professional developers will constantly inform you of the progress of your project. It is important to know the tasks that are being completed within your project, and also what tasks are scheduled to be completed. Be aware of the milestones that have been achieved. Discuss with the project manager the work being completed in the right direction.

If you’re confused to decide which one is the most suitable choice for your company, then here are some of the factors that distinguish between a freelancer and an app development company.

Factors that separate Mobile App Development Company and Freelancer from one another:

Access to Resources

The main benefit of employing a firm is that you’ll have experts in a variety of technologies from one location. The services offered by a mobile app development company can benefit you by providing sophisticated tools, certificates, licenses, and programs that are essential in the process of developing simple mobile applications. Alongside the tools for technical development and software, you’ll also get a variety of professionals with expertise in the most recent technologies. The freelancer is limited in resources. They generally use free tools rather than paid-for tools. A developer may also have some experience with a particular platform or technology. It is difficult to determine if anyone can help you through their experience on different technological platforms.

Legal Problems

The business world is not easy in the sense of being free of fraud and the risk of loss. Employing a trustworthy company reduces the chance of being deceived. Legal business entities provide security. They operate and perform by the contract they have signed with you. Because of the absence of an authentic website or platform to get real reviews on a global scale, it’s difficult to locate a reliable freelancer. Reviews and updates on the internet of any service provider help you confirm its legitimacy.


A company will provide you with an array of services, from business consulting to a project plan, and with innovative ideas that help you understand the target market. freelancers who are a master of all trades can’t use your assistance within these fields. If you’re looking to avail these services from a freelancer, the next step is to connect with a freelancer who has experience in business ethics.

Reliability and reliability – long-term relationship

The mobile app development company concentrates on its client’s needs. They can’t afford to disappoint a single client, as it might raise doubts about the quality of their services. A dissatisfied customer could damage their reputation and their value. This is a long-term partnership trust issue. It is possible to trust an agency to sign an extended business contract with a business. A freelancer is, however, an independent company. They don’t have an online presence or online presence, like agencies. They’re also focused on their customers however in terms of value to market and brand recognition they’re not as reliable when compared to app development firms.


The cost of hiring a whole company for mobile app development may be expensive when compared to hiring an independent contractor. Employing a freelancer will cost less than hiring a corporation. The company may offer an alternative method of payment. It is not necessary to pay for the estimated amount in one lump sum. You can pay by the time it takes to complete modules and the various project phases. Working with a single person can surely cost less, but they cannot give the flexibility of payment.

What conclusions can we draw from this discussion?

The two models of collaboration could be good options. However, hiring a team will give you greater exposure and more to offer its clients. Hiring a mobile application development agency assures you of having the least technical problems, and also better project management. Employing a freelancer to provide mobile app development could be beneficial for small-scale businesses with minimal requirements.

From my own experiences, I’d suggest you go with a custom mobile application development firm. However, this doesn’t mean hiring a freelancer won’t give you the desired product. The way to do it is by hiring an agency. gives you a variety of choices for you, such as iOS as well as Android. Which is the better choice? Employing a business will help you sort out your dilemma with the best ideas. It is not necessary to find a different source for additional services.

If your highly-performing app has been delivered to you, and you’re looking to keep it at the top of the stores by increasing online exposure. How do you make this feasible? The fact is, even an app that is mobile-friendly or a website isn’t sufficient unless and until it’s not gaining massive customer exposure. An ASO (App Store Optimization) is the most effective method of ensuring a great image in an app store. Employing a company will also help you by providing these services since they have a highly skilled team of marketing. It’s not necessary to hurry and search for an alternative company to get the job completed.

It is a rigorous process to analyze a potential partner before selecting a trustworthy person to shake hands with. Be careful and think twice before deciding since it’s not just about your company, it’s about your hopes and dreams.