Find the Best Way to Setup Canon IJ Printer at ij start Canon.

If you recently purchased a Canon printer, go to ij.start.cannon to get the latest printer drivers. Here you may discover how to download and install the most recent printer driver in minutes. To connect your Canon printer to the Wi-Fi and stressed connection, follow the steps outlined below. Visit ij start canon to get the printer driver in a matter of minutes.

Canon IJ Setup Instructions on Windows Through Ij.Start.Canon

To ij.start.cannon setup has been used to demonstrate the process of setting up the printer. To connect your printer to a wireless network, follow these instructions.


  • To begin, go to ‘Canon ij setup’ and select the relevant printer model number to download your Canon printer’s driver.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions after double-clicking the downloaded driver file from your system.
  • When a security warning pop-up appears on the screen, tap the ‘Rub’ option to allow the application to run on your system.
  • Select ‘Wireless LAN Connection’ by pressing the ‘Next’ button.
  • Go to your Canon printer and press and hold the WiFi button until the alert lamp flashes twice, then let go.
  • Now, on the Canon printer screen tab, press the ‘Arrow Button’ to pick ‘Device Settings’ from the ‘Menu.’
  • Next, go to Menu>Device Settings>LAN Settings>Wireless LAN Setup on the printer and press the ‘OK’ button.
  • Your printer will now search for the router’s access point.
  • From the printer screen, select your wireless network name and press ‘OK.’ Then, on the following screen, input WPA Key (WiFi password).
  • Your printer must be linked to your wireless network in order to use IJ start Canon setup on Windows.
  • Next, we’ll go over how to see if your printer has been added to Windows for both wireless and wired connections.
  • Open the ‘Run’ dialog box from the Windows search bar and type ‘Control Panel’ before clicking the ‘OK’ button.
  • When the control panel appears, select ‘Devices and printers.’
  • If your printer has previously been added, it will have a green tick mark next to it.
  • If your printer is not shown, you can manually add it by selecting the ‘Add Printer’ option.
  • It will provide a list of printers that are available. Select your preferred Canon printer and click ‘OK.’ Your Canon printer will appear in the ‘Device and Printer’ area with a ‘Green Check Mark’ after a few seconds.
  • Finally, your Canon IJ printer is wirelessly connected to your Windows computer.


We’ve covered the processes for setting up a Canon printer and using its services in this article. We also went over how a user may quickly connect their Canon printer to a Windows or Mac device through USB cable or wifi connection. Furthermore, for IJ Start Canon Setup, we provide full instructions for each stage. However, if you continue to have problems setting up your printer, please contact us via our toll-free helpline.