Find Out a Doctor’s Salary in the Different States of the US.

The covid pandemic has distressed people worldwide. The healthcare sector was in a spot of bother as healthcare workers were facing a major setback majorly. Salaries were stagnated, and often doctors had to treat without pay. As per recent reports, the average salary of healthcare workers, including doctors and nurses, is on the surge again. Countries are loosening their guidelines, and people are getting accustomed to the new era. Therefore, salaries are being revised too. A doctor’s salary in the US is 80,000 USD, as per the reports. This blog will detail a doctor’s salary in different states of the US.

How Much Salary Does a Doctor Receive In Different States of the US?   

Although remunerations are on the upward side, employers analyse multiple factors before revising them. Factors like experience, geography, last payout, etc., are being valued more. Check out the remuneration of a medical practitioner in different states of the US:

States of the US Average Income (in US Dollars)
Alabama $350,000
Oklahoma $340,000
Kentucky $340,000
Missouri $332,000
South Carolina $332,000
Nevada $330,000
Florida $330,000
Georgia $330,000
Arkansas $325,000
Connecticut $325,000
Indiana $323,000
Tennessee $323,000

Previously, physicians earned approximately $210,000. While the highest paid 25% earned nearly $210,000, the lowest paid 25% earned approximately $125,470. The numbers indicate that the average compensation of a medical practitioner in the US is nearly 1.5 crore in Indian rupees. These include benefits such as residence and transport. Further, it clarifies that physicians here have greater opportunities in terms of career. Therefore, students studying medicine here can apply for medical jobs. However, a physician’s salary also varies according to their specialisations and experience. 

What Is a Doctor’s Salary in the US As Per Specific Jobs?

A doctor’s salary in the US depends on their expertise in a particular field and working experience. Also, there is an earning difference between a self-employed doctor and a salaried one. In hospitals, a plastic surgeon receives a high salary, while specialists in gynaecology are equally paid well too. Also, cardiologists earn a good amount of money.

The table below represents the average remunerations depending on their speciality.

States of the US Average Income (in US Dollars)
Ophthalmologist $490,000
Orthopaedics $485,000
Plastic Surgeon $480,000
Cardiologist $445,000
Radiologist $420,000
Urologist $410,000
Oncologist $370,000
Neurologist $360,000
Psychologist $295,000
Dermatologist $295,000
Internal Medicine Practitioner $270,000
Psychiatry Specialist $260,000
Infectious Disease Specialist $250,000
Gastroenterologist $240,000
Paediatrician $240,000
Diabetes and Endocrinologist $240,000
Family Medicine Specialist $235,000
Counselling Psychologist $230,000
Allergist $190,000
Advanced Practice Provider $130,000
Chiropractor $120,000
Behaviour Health Specialist $110,000

Is There a Gender Gap in Average Remuneration of Physicians In The US?

The gender-based gap in remuneration has diminished in recent days. But still, there is an imbalance. For example, full-time practitioners working all year round last year received $55,544. However, women were only paid $45,394. Therefore, several reasons might lead to such differences between men and women. 

Medical practitioners in this location state that unconscious biases might be a significant reason for the gender pay gap. However, these cultures have been changing at a remarkable pace recently. More women practitioners are choosing a medical career than men. Hence employers have started to value men and women equally. Apart from this, medical practitioners have started to accept self-employment more, which allows them to earn better, despite their gender.

Do Self-Employed Physicians Earn More?

Renowned hospitals and large medical groups employ more than 50% of practitioners in their locations. The advantage here is that they receive a regular salary and permanent job satisfaction. Although steady paychecks can be attractive, self-employed physicians tend to obtain more paychecks here. 

Moreover, new work models and systems are dominating the market. Hence, alternative payment modes allow doctors to become profitable and independent in their jobs. In contrast, some doctors choose to work under a salaried job model that provides them with more liberty. A salaried doctor is free from any hassles of dealing with insurance firms. Apart from that, independent physicians seldom face these situations.

Selecting whether to be salaried or self-employed depends on if a physician can pursue a work-life balance. Specialists remark that physicians contemplate their personality when choosing a salaried or a self-employment career. For example, doctors with an entrepreneurial attitude tend to accept the risk. While doctors who desire job security select full-time employment. 

Depending upon specialisations, interests, skills and location, one can choose states of the US to set a medical career. International students who choose to study medicine can start selecting US states as per their requirements. Each state has renowned hospitals and medical boards to which one can apply accordingly. One must first learn how much a doctor’s salary in the US is. After that, make an informed choice to travel to the desired state to start a bright career.