Facilities to Look into Top co-ed residential school in India

If your kid is studying in a school, you would want them to provide with the best facilities by the school. Everyone wants to go through good quality education, which makes parents choose private co-ed schools. Education is an integral part of life, and as parents, we want to give our kids the best of everything. While in a regular school, one can get all the extracurricular activities and fun time they deserve. The influence of the internet and technology is increasing, which is also influencing society greatly. Most schools are upgrading their facilities to give children the best life they deserve. While selecting a school for your child, you must remember that it is not just about the education but also your child’s overall growth and development. A co-ed residential school in india is a perfect choice as it caters to your child’s needs in every aspect.

What facilities should be there in the best residential schools in India?

Educational institutions are known to be a second home for students, and they can be a place where they can develop into confident human beings with family values. There are many facilities that one should look into while choosing their child’s educational institution to have unique experiences within those walls like:

  • Co-curricular activities

A student should provide with abundant opportunities to explore their talents. The co-curricular activities like sports, art, and music should be equally important as academics. In addition, the students must given proper guidance and support to excel in these activities. Moreover, these activities also help them develop social skills, confidence, and an all-around personality.

  • Counseling services

Students are not only judged based on their performance in academics but also on social skills. They must teach how to behave appropriately in different situations and interact with others appropriately. They need to develop good communication skills and public speaking skills to face any situation in the future confidently. Counseling services ensure that students can cope with their studies.

  • Sporting Facilities

Sports are an essential part of any school curriculum. It not only helps stimulate the brain but also contributes to overall fitness and athletic ability enhancement in children. Check out if the residential school in dehradun offers a wide variety of sporting activities like horse riding, swimming, badminton, basketball, athletics, etc. Also, make sure that they have adequate sporting equipment available to practice these sports.

  • Dining Hall & Kitchen

The dining hall should be spacious enough to accommodate all the students at mealtime and have an adequate seating arrangement. The kitchen must have proper ventilation, storage spaces, a refrigeration facility, and a good cleaning area apart from being hygienic in general. There should also be separate.

  • Academic Facilities

Academics are also an essential part of any school’s curriculum. Therefore, it is essential to ensure whether or not the school has adequate academic facilities to stimulate and enhance your child’s learning capabilities. The number of extracurricular activities offered in terms of academics, such as debates, book reading sessions, quizzes, etc., will help develop your child’s personality.

  • Classrooms

The classrooms should be spacious and well-lit, with ample natural light coming into the room. The seating arrangements should be made so that students do not disturb each other while studying and have enough space between them. The classroom should also have proper air conditioning as per the weather conditions prevalent in the particular area.

  • Hostel facilities

A top co-ed residential school in India needs to provide comfortable accommodation for its students. If your child goes away from home for studies, they should feel welcomed in a new environment. In addition, all safety measures need to be followed to ensure that no untoward incident takes place in your ward. The security guards should be alert and responsive at all times. Also, there should be separate wards for boys and girls so that no unnecessary tensions arise between them.

  • Safety features

The safety features are essential factors that you need to consider when looking for a girls residential school in india. You should make sure that it has all the necessary safety features such as fire extinguishers, security cameras, alarms, etc. It would help if you also ensured an emergency exit in case of fire or other unforeseen circumstances.

  • Library

A library is an excellent asset for any school, especially for students interested in academics or looking at higher education in college or university. Books in a library must update regularly so that the students can learn about recent events, inventions, and discoveries. It also helps them keep up with current affairs and world news when they are preparing for competitive exams like IIT JEE/NEET, etc.

  • Staff

The staff at the best residential schools in India is highly experienced and qualified. They understand each child’s strengths and weaknesses and help them accordingly. This ensures that students get all the attention they need and excellent knowledge. The faculty strives hard to provide an atmosphere that fosters growth in every aspect. Thus ensuring the overall development of each student.

  • Medical Facilities

The best residential schools provide medical facilities for students who are uncomfortable with doctors outside their campus. They also have an ambulance facility so that students can be sent to the hospital if needed immediately.

Which is the best co-ed residential school in India?

The Asian School is the best co-ed residential school in India, located in Dehradun. This boarding school established to put India on the map of world-class educational institutions. The school affiliated to CBSE and spread over 15 acres, offering the all-round development of children through a wide array of curricular and co-curricular activities. The Asian School is a top-rated boarding school that encourages students to explore their full potential and discover their true calling. Students can choose from various art forms like music, dance, and theatre to indulge in their creative passions. Or hone their skills in sports such as badminton, cricket, football, and tennis, among others. All these activities help students grow as confident individuals ready to take on any challenge that life throws at them. This boys residential school in India ensures the overall development by providing them with quality education coupled with ample opportunities.