ESADE MSC in Global Strategic Management Program Analysis

ESADE offers an MSC in Global Strategic Management. The program is offered on three different continents( Europe, China, and The USA). The highlights of the program are-

  • Cutting-edge Analytical skills
  • International Experience
  • International Experience and Mindset
  • Certificates
  • Reputed Degree
  • Small Class Size

Class Profile(2021-2022)

The size of the class is 49. 43/ students are female,57/ students are male and 98/ students are international students. The average age of the students is 22. The academic backgrounds of the class are in Business & Management and Economics.


The curriculum broadens the professional horizons and develops a global mindset. The curriculum is a blend of electives and core business fundamentals. The programs offered are- International Corporate Governance & Strategy, Strategic Leadership, Analysis for Decision-Making in a Global Context, Researching & Writing a Global Business Thesis, Global Markets Research & Analytics, Doing Business: the US, Global Supply Chain Management, Consumer Behavior Across the Globe, International Financial Management, Doing Business: China, Negotiation in a Global Context, Managing Innovation in Global Operations, Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions and Strategic Alliance, Business Strategy Game: Competing in Global Marketplace, Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility and Doing Business: EU. You can also try MBA in the USA for more information.

The highlights of the program are-

  • A Global Mindset- The program focuses on economics, markets, international markets, and geopolitical factors.
  • International Outlook- The program is offered in three different countries and three different business environments.
  • Development of Leadership Skills
  • Worldwide Career Opportunities

Study Plan

  • UVA-McIntire- The first part of the program is taught in UVA McIntire. Students receive industry-focused education and interview preparation workshops.
  • Lingnan University– The second part of the program is offered at The Lingnan University. Students receive knowledge on the Globalization of Chinese Companies and Localizing Global Companies.
  • ESADE Business School– The last part of the program is taught at ESADE Business School. Students participate in alumni panel discussions, corporate case competitions, negotiation skills workshops, and interview preparation workshops.


Cost of Attendance

The cost of the program is Euro 34,500. The cost includes teaching, academic material, and language courses.

Financial Aid

The university offers various options to cover the academic costs. The financial aid options are- scholarships, assistantships, and student loans. The university offers Need-based scholarships and Partnership scholarships.

The school also offers MSC Excellence awards like The Global Marketing Award, The financial services award, The MSC for Entrepreneurs Award, The MSC for Entrepreneurs Award, The Women in Management Award, ESADE Big Data Award, and The Unity in Diversity Award.

Admission Requirements and Deadlines

The admission requirements are-

  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited degree
  • A score of 660 on the GMAT and equivalent to the GRE
  • A score of 100 in TOEFL IBT
  • A band of seven in IELTS
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Resume/CV
  • Passport Photo
  • Interview

Application Deadline

The application has nine deadlines. The first deadline is November and the last deadline is in June.

Employment Statistics

According to the employment report of 2020, 100/ students were employed within three months of graduation and 11/ students found a job outside their native countries. The leading hiring sectors were consulting services, financial services, and legal services. The salary offered by TMT was Euro 45.582, the consulting services were Euro 80.463 and the salary offered by financial services was Euro 54.450.

The services offered by Career Development Center are-

  • Career Counseling
  • Career Fairs
  • Financial Services Recruitment Fair
  • Business & Management Recruitment Fair

Faculty of the Program

  • Christina Sancha- Academic Director
  • Jim Burroughs- Professor
  • Nethaniah Chau- Collaborative Academics
  • Amanda Cowen- Associate Professor of Commerce
  • Cynthia Fraser- Associate Professor
  • Chen Gang- Professor
  • Steven Johnson- Associate Professor of Commerce
  • Daomi Lin- Associate Professor
  • Xavier Mir- Academic Assistant

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