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El Al Israel Airlines offers a variety of payment options for flight bookings

When booking El Al Flight Tickets to Israel or abroad, El Al offers an array of payment options that allow you to choose the method that best suits your needs. By El Al Booking online through the official El Al Airlines Website, you’ll save on booking fees and receive special discounts and promotions that aren’t available when booking by El Al Phone Number or at the airport counter.

Prepaid Credit Cards

For customers who wish to purchase their tickets in advance, but do not have access to credit or debit cards, El Al Flights accepts prepaid credit cards. Each prepaid card can be loaded with a preset value and used as though it were an ordinary credit card. However, because each card can only be used once, people who want to use them will have to create new ones periodically. In addition, these cards are only available for residents of Israel.

Prepaid Money Orders

If you are booking your El Al Tickets with cash or traveler’s checks, please make your check or money order payable to El Al Airlines and mail it to our U.S. office at 3201 E. Landingham Rd., Ste. 205, Greensboro, NC 27409. Please write Personal Money Order in clear letters on the memo line. El Al will not accept unregistered money orders; therefore, if you choose to use a check in U.S dollars, it must be issued by an American bank and should include your name and billing address on both front and back of the check.

Prepaid Bank Account Transfers

One option is to use direct bank transfers to cover your tickets. When you purchase your Elal Ticket, simply follow up with a transfer to El Al directly from your bank account. As long as you purchase at least two weeks before departure, it should be no problem. The downside is that funds sent by direct bank transfer are non-refundable and take 2-4 days to arrive in our accounts (depending on how long it takes for banks to clear funds). If your plans change, you’ll either have to pay another way or cancel, which may require a fee. In addition, international credit cards aren’t accepted by our system – only debit cards or prepaid cards can be used.

Prepaid Wire Transfers

Pre-paid wire transfers are like traditional wire transfers, except that you pay in advance. Once your money has been wired to El Al, you can select your seats and make any additional ticketing arrangements. In order to make a prepaid wire transfer, you’ll need to have completed an online transaction with El Al previously; without that reference number, they won’t be able to process your request.

Prepaid Cashier’s Check In El Al

If you don’t have time to purchase Elal Tickets before your trip, prepaid cashier’s checks are a great option. Your local bank will be able to sell you these checks, which can then be cashed at any ATM that displays CASH on its screen. Once cashed, it will take about three business days for the funds to post to your El Al Airlines account. Be sure that you only use cashier’s checks with El Al Airlines and ask your bank what fees may apply before purchasing them as there may be some fees associated with prepaying for your flights.

Some transfer fees may apply to payments made via wire transfers, checks, or prepaid cards.

Of course, prepaid credit cards can be used in many ways and are often a great choice for gifts, but if you’re using one to make an El Al Airlines Reservation, you need to pay at least $100. If you only have $95 to spend on your trip, consider paying with another card and then transferring it to your preferred card after you’ve made your reservation. It may be possible to use more than one prepaid credit card when making reservations on El Al Airlines; however, it’s not clear if paying with multiple cards will raise any red flags in their system.

The minimum amount for a prepaid credit card is $100.

If you have paid by credit card before, you may feel more comfortable with that method. With prepaid cards, there is a minimum amount and it varies according to credit card companies. If your purchase is under $100, don’t worry! You can pay with cash at El Al Check-in. Just remember to keep your receipt as proof of purchase in case you are asked at security checks or by El Al staff. Prepaid credit cards: If your purchase exceeds $100, you can choose from various prepaid cards including American Express (AMEX), Visa and MasterCard. The main advantage is that you need not carry any additional cash on board.

Delivery time – up to 10 days.

Pay for your flight up to 10 days before your trip. Should you need to cancel or change your booking after making a payment, you’ll be able to do so without paying any fees. All transactions are subject to a 3% fee per transaction, with an upper limit of $30 USD. (Your credit card will be charged in shekels). Please note that payments made before October 14th must take place no later than November 14th.