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Do I need to Rewrite my Personal Statement if I Reapply?

Getting admission to medical school is not an easy task. Only those students win the race who work hard during each step. It is not only about struggle during UCAT or BMAT, but Personal Statements and interviews also need more and more hard work. Many students who reapply for medical tests ask if there is a need to rewrite a Personal Statement. You will find the answer to this question with logic in this article.

What Is a Personal Statement?

The Personal Statement is a piece of paper that describes your personality to the interviewers. The committee members judge your capabilities and aptitudes. If you write a Personal Statement for medical admission, you will use the term Medical Personal Statements for this paper. Personal Statements for medical schools have a long list of requirements a student needs to fulfill.

How Medical Universities Use Personal Statements

Medical universities use a Student’s Personal Statement during interviews conducted after UCAT or BMAT. The interview committee examines the Medical Personal Statements of students and asks questions accordingly. Medical Personal Statements express your;

  • Educational background
  • Expertise
  • Achievements
  • Unique traits
  • Experience
  • Enthusiasm to become a Doctor

What If You Fail the Medical Exam on First Attempt?

Do not lose hope if you have failed to pass the medical exam this time. You have unlimited chances to express your struggle and test your luck. No one will stop you, and you need to be confident to achieve something. A wise student learns many things from failure. So be smart and do not waste your time in sorrow. Prepare yourself for the next attempt and try to transform your weaknesses into your strengths.

Do I Need to Rewrite a Personal Statement?

It is the most frequently asked question by medical students. Its answer is YES. Whenever you try again, you start your new journey. Your new journey requires new Medical Personal Statements. It requires preparation from the initial point. Therefore, there is no chance to ask whether you need a new Personal Statement or not when you reapply to a medical institute. Because it is compulsory to come with new Medical Personal Statements every time you apply.

Need of Medical Expert for a Personal Statement

You cannot know what mistakes are in your Personal Statement until you have a professional person to highlight them. Likewise, a student needs a medical specialist to write a most attractive Personal Statement for a medical school.

The Future Medic Will Help You Writing a Winning Personal Statement

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