DJ Service for Wedding in Calgary


There are a lot of reasons to hire DJ Service for Wedding in Calgary instead of a live band. As live entertainers, we are the perfect complement to the special day you have spent countless hours planning and perfecting.

Our experienced, professional wedding DJs know how to please a crowd and get your guests out on the dance floor. We use the most advanced, state-of-the-art sound systems and equipment available to create an amazing atmosphere for your wedding.

Unlike live bands, we can easily adapt if we notice a crowd isn’t feeling a particular song or set. Sonicsoundzdj can offer a limitless variety of music ranging from classics to current hit songs rather than a limited setlist found in a band’s repertoire which is often limited to less than 50 songs.

DJ’s also provide a less intrusive set up and keep the focus of attention on the newlywed couple and the dance floor, rather than on the performers on stage.

Another reason to consider hiring sonicsoundzdj for DJ Services for Wedding in Calgary is that bands typically play about 20-30 songs total during your event which typically fills about half to two-thirds of the time they were hired. This is because it is difficult for them to play continuously and they require frequent breaks which can disrupt the momentum of your reception.

sonicsoundzdj, on the other hand, can keep the music going all night without taking breaks ensuring you have one great continuous party!

One final reason to consider a  DJ Service for Wedding in Calgary day is cost as wedding bands can often cost upwards of your budget making a sonicsoundzdj a far more affordable option for your wedding budget.