HMI Development Tools

Deploy DiSTI’s HMI Development Tools for the Automotive Industry

The DiSTI Corporation is a prime supplier of HMI development tools and software  allows leading OEMs to gain an advantage over their competitors. DiSTI’s embedded HMI design software makes it possible to upscale the user experience with high-quality design and high-performance while simultaneously reducing production costs.

DiSTI’s Human-Machine Interfaces are currently featured in millions of cars on the road. The key to DiSTI’s successful HMI deployment is GL Studio® – our embedded HMI systems design software that facilitates rapid design, development, and deployment.

DiSTI’s HMI development software makes it possible to upscale the user experience with high-quality design and high-performance while simultaneously reducing production costs. GL Studio® enables users to create robust, eye-catching, animation-rich HMI seamlessly and intuitively, sling development time and prices.

Numerous vehicle manufacturers adopt the DiSTI Corporation’s expert solutions and services for the automotive industry. They are used to connect with software products and services, and the design of automotive human-machine interfaces is becoming increasingly driver-focused.

DiSTI’s professionals have niche expertise in automotive HMI. The latter design UX/UI solutions that shorten driver responsive time improve human-vehicle interaction, and deliver user experience augmented with mobile features drivers already use.

Human Machine Interface solutions are designed to keep the driver’s attention on the road by reducing distractions and increasing vehicle safety, comfort, ease of comfort, and other options for personalization. DiSTI’s embedded HMI development software, GL Studio®, has been servicing large OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers over the years by recognizing the critical priorities for automotive HMI software; mobile by design.

Utilizing a robust HMI design software like DiSTI’s GL Studio® for the automotive industry results in an effective in-car feedback system that encourages drivers to adjust their driving habits for better performance, fuel efficiency, and safety. HMI design tools for the automotive industry empower drivers to respond to rapidly changing road conditions while offering remote diagnostics that help prevent vehicle malfunction and lower the risk of accidents.

Designed to maximize the driving comfort and functionality, HMI offers drivers opportunities to interact with external devices and increases safety. Automotive HMI development tools provide a wide range of automated functions that enable drivers to park, avoid obstacles, and prevent microsleep. DiSTI’s HMI development software, GL Studio®, offers drivers flexibility on the road while helping them feel safe in an autonomous car.

Automotive HMI development solutions enable drivers to interact with touchpads, multi-touch dashboards, built-in screens, control panels, push buttons, and traditional keypads, making it crucial for the automotive industry.

The DiSTI Corporation’s GL Studio®’s unmatched performance, prompt support, and ability to produce feature-rich, high-quality, 3D embedded user interfaces fire the imagination of designers and excite engineers. GL Studio® enables designers and engineers to create cutting-edge digital clusters, HUDs, and IVI solutions GL Studio® facilitates high-quality gauges and controls within the automotive industry through one convenient platform.

Customer Testimonial

Toshiba Information Systems (JAPAN), a provider of advanced embedded solutions, has decided to collaborate with the DiSTI Corporation for its expertise as a leading provider of graphical user interface software.

DiSTI’s GL Studio® is a comprehensive UI development tool for seamlessly creating cross-platform 2D and 3D user interface content without dampening the embedded system’s performance, safety, and reliability. GL Studio® streamlines UI asset creation through implementation readiness in one platform without tampering with the original designer’s vision. GL Studio® facilitates development efficiency, reducing the time to market and cost.

The GL Studio® runtime library has acquired functional safety certifications for ISO 26262 ASIL D in automotive, DO-178 B/C Levels E to A for aviation, and IEC 62304 for Class II medical. It has proven itself safe and highly reliable. The compact and mature runtime library exercises high rendering performance and low CPU utilization on resource-constrained embedded target systems, enabling developers to run advanced and sophisticated 2D/3D UI on various embedded systems.

DiSTI’s HMI development software- design tool, GL Studio®, supports a series of rapid iteration development processes from product concept to prototype and mass production. The highly functional and flexible WYSIWYG UI development environment promotes cooperation between UI designers and programmers, improves development efficiency, and shortens the time to market.

DiSTI and Toshiba Information Systems (JAPAN) provide GL Studio® and Embedded Development Services to customers in the automotive and embedded systems field. This partnership has enabled the advancement of 2D/3D UI on safety-critical embedded systems to improve development efficiency and contribute to business development.


The prime challenge faced by Automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers is the tremendous challenge concerning delivering instrument clusters, head-up displays, radios, IVI systems, and fully integrated cockpits that offer functional safety and intuitive user experience, top performance, and a brand-defining look and feel. The DiSTI Corporation is the automotive industry standard for designing, developing, and deploying first-class embedded displays.

The world’s leading automotive manufacturers and OEMs rely on DiSTI to future-proof their User Interfaces and improve their training through DiSTI’s virtual solutions. DiSTI products are currently powering millions of cars on the road today and helping train technicians and dealers worldwide.

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