Custom Animated Videos for business – An Ultimate Guide.

Custom Animated Videos for business

Animated videos are the new marketing trend. Promotional and educational blogs for your brand no longer have the same effect on the audience. People of Gen-Z find blogs bland and boring. However, a significant percentage of people still prefer reading blogs. Videos are certainly more engaging and attractive for people to watch only if it is compelling enough. Your video needs to be well designed, well explained, and also marketed to its best. Video animations are a new way to introduce and promote your business and its products.

These videos are a substantially beneficial source of educating and interacting with the brand’s target audience. A short video delivers the brand’s real intent with attractive illustrations and design. Production companies and animators are currently working on educating people on how worthwhile can a 90 seconds video can be. But what problems does an Animated Video Service solve? Have you ever seen a solid animated video explaining a brand’s niche, vision, and mission? Such videos are strong enough to attract more of its target audience than a long paragraph written to promote the brand itself. It has been observed that 65% of people are visual learners, and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.


To get the best outcomes from an animated video, you need to conceptualize the video and understand what results to expect from a video for your brand. Factually, Our Rise in Video infographic shows that videos are 4x more engaging than static content. You can always dive into getting a personalized video for your brand. Ensure that the message delivered through the video is direct and straightforward. A custom-made video makes it look more synchronized and relevant to your business. Ideas to get a customized video? Let’s assume you own a product-oriented business where you sell your product. In such cases, the video can include your actual products to attract clients directly to the product. Likewise, the color pallet used in the video can be your brand’s or logo’s colors. This is how people will connect to your brand and its product via an animated video.


Engaging your target audience is the primary goal. Understand a vast audience will watch your video. Hence, you need to keep it simple for viewers of every caliber. Make sure to reanalyze the audience you seek to target through your video. Doing this will help you know where to plot your video shift. You can have two mindsets while planning your animated video. Either you can add elements in your animated video that people can resonate with, or you can add a factor of curiosity that brings the viewers towards your business. However, adding the inquisitive element is a temporary idea.
Plan your video well. Have insightful references that will help the designing agency understand how to create a promotional corporate business video. Your brand strategy makes your video get more clients since it has all the essentials required to build a brand. If contacting a professional, ask them to target the brand’s audience and strategize your video per the trends.

Custom Animated Video and its Designing

The designing phase of your video is crucial. The video needs to be extensively attractive. Enough for people to get influenced and find the video worth a watch. Nonetheless, include bits and chunks of your brand that help people understand your business. At the same time, it attracts more of the audience through the design flow and animations. You can ask the designer to illustrate the characters in your animated videos as there will be no human faces that can cause confusion among the audience.
Your designing agency will help you write the script and whiteboard the video for you to get a clear understanding of how your video is going to be. The designing process usually goes like delivering your intent to the designers. They design an initial sketch or storyboard. Later, they write the script for your video, followed by art and illustrations to the final production level.

Choosing the right Production Company

Since video animations are nonetheless one of the most essential assets of business irrespective of its size and industry. Some companies and agencies hire people specifically to design animated videos. Choosing the right agency for your video animation job is very necessary. It is a make-or-break situation for your marketing strategy.

Have a look at what are the concerns you need to be sure of before finalizing a production company for your custom animated video:

  • Have a keen eye when looking out for a design agency. 
  • Check if the company is a well-reputed firm and has excellent and genuine reviews. 
  • Go through the company’s portfolio to find a reference or creativity factor for if the company can provide an innovative, attractive, and solution-oriented animated video.
  • See if the production company lies within your budget and compare the prices with each competitor. 

Take the best from an animated video and select the best agency with the best designers. Such videos, if designed by a professional, greatly influence people. These professionals make sure your brand leaves a lasting impression on your audience and believe in the audacity of your brand. Once you’ve found the right agency for your animated video, make sure you also ask them to keep you updated. Stay active with the designers so that you know your video animation process progress.

Marketing like a Pro

On the record: Product videos can increase purchases by 144%. (Neil Patel, 2017). Next is marketing, all you need for your video. Marketing your masterpiece is equally necessary as building a brand. A brand strong enough to achieve massive but incapable of reaching out to its audience is useless. Hence, work to circulate throughout the social media platforms. You can also consult a marketing agent or a marketing firm for this job. They would give you specific results with time frames and marketing strategies by a professional.

Get more viewers on your video. Your video will only influence the audience once it reaches out to them. Hence, you must ensure that your video successfully reaches your audience, including running your video as an ad campaign. Ask your friends to share it between the communities so that more people watch it.

What do you get?

79% of consumers would rather watch a video to learn about a product than reading text on a page. Your animated video is all you need to boost your lead conversion rate significantly. People have reported performing a purchase after getting inspired by a video explaining the brand and its products. Your takeaways are the success and massive traffic converted to leads. Animated video depends on its quality solely. The better the plot, design, and scripting, The more the video affect its viewers. Therefore, a custom animated video can bring massive success to the brand, either building the brand’s credibility and recognition or being the reason for the audience to resonate with your brand.


Your brand’s growth depends on the number of measures you’ve taken by now. Suppose your brand is experienced professional marketing aid and is still in need of some uplift. In that case, you might need upgradation to your brand. Nevertheless, animated videos help as people are influenced by video marketing strategies. On the contrary, there are two sides to a coin: video can backfire if not designed well. People have reported watching muted videos, but videos with a compromised design are a total loss. Stay motivated and positive towards building your brand into a massive success through your custom animated video from the most experienced design firm.