Crete or Corfu: Which Island Should Be Your Next Greek Destination?

Not sure where to travel between Crete and Corfu? Crete and Corfu are two of Europe’s most popular destinations, but the only similarity is that they are both large Greek islands. Crete is the largest of them. Both islanders speak Greek and of course, the food on Crete and Corfu is amazing!


Crete or Corfu:

where next?

Crete and Corfu are on opposite sides of the mainland of Greece and are both mountainous, but while Corfu is a lush green island, Crete is drier, with vast expanses of space and unique maquis. Plants are growing.

Both islands are a joy to explore, with beautiful hotels, beautiful beaches, great food, and the warm and friendly hospitality that all visitors expect from islanders. Here are the main differences so you can decide which island suits you best.


Crete vs Corfu:


Crete is located in the Mediterranean Sea, south of the Greek archipelago of the Cyclades. The island has two international airports, in Heraklion and Chania, and also two major seaports, one each in Heraklion and Chania.
Located in the Ionian Sea, Corfu is one of the most important islands in the region. The international airport is less than 5 km from Corfu’s old town.


Crete or Corfu? stay time

If you are looking for an island that you can enjoy in 3-5 days, Corfu is the place.

On the other hand, exploring Crete can take at least a week due to the size of the island and travel between towns often taking several hours.

If you are an archeology fan, Crete has many interesting places, including numerous archaeological sites.


Corfu vs Crete:

How easy is it to move around?

The easiest way to get around both islands is by renting a car, but don’t limit yourself to four-wheelers. Hire a boat to travel to the nearby small islands or sail along the coast.

Crete has an excellent bus network, but due to the island’s size and many mountain ranges, taking a bus for a day trip can be too time-consuming.

Corfu also has an excellent bus network, making it ideal for sightseeing. In fact, the distance is shorter on Corfu. For example, the journey from the north coast of the island to the south coast takes only two hours. That’s less than half the time it would take to make the same journey (east to west) on Crete.


Another Greece gem is Karpathos. Karpathos beaches are known to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


Beaches and coasts of Crete and Corfu

Crete has a very varied coastline, with some beautiful fishing villages such as Elounda and Mocross in the east.

The island has two of the most beautiful beaches in all of Greece.

Barros and Elafonisi. Baros, just a few kilometers from Grambusa, has a beautiful lagoon with the clearest blue water you’ve ever seen. Just 90 minutes from Chania, Elafonisi Beach is a beautiful stretch of pink sand. Many famous beaches are located on the south coast of the island. Examples include Frangocastelo and Glica Nera (Sweetwater Beach, another great fishing village near Lutro), but there are many more along the coast.

Corfu is also an island with a wonderful coastline with some beautiful beaches and charming islets that will make feel like you are back in the nude beaches in Mexico.

His one of Corfu’s most popular beaches is Paleokastritsa, an ideal place for snorkeling. Here you can also rent a boat and visit other small hidden coves with great views. Sidari and Kassiopi are also popular options.

Corfu’s southern coast is home to many famous sunbathing spots, such as Charikounas and Issos, with long stretches of golden sand.

Cities and villages to visit

Both islands are dotted with traditional towns and villages that seem to stand still in time.

When it comes to big cities, Chania and Rethymnon are the two of the most beautiful cities in Crete. Chania is full of streets lined with beautiful Venetian harbors, beautiful old lighthouses, and old Turkish houses, you might also find beautiful resorts like in the Maldives. Rethymnon, on the other hand, is the island’s third-largest city, with charming cobbled streets and colorfully decorated houses.

In Corfu, the Venetian influence can also be seen in the architecture of Old Corfu, with its two imposing fortresses overlooking the sea. Another interesting mountain settlement is Pelekas, which offers great views across the coast.

Around the island’s coast, there are many coastal villages with traditional tavernas, ideal for a drink at dusk. Kassiopi is a delightful fishing village with a beautiful harbor and Albanian scenery.



It is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Greece and was considered an important city during the Minoan period. keep reading.



The second largest Minoan palace on the island sits on a hill overlooking the Masala Plain in central Crete. Heraklion Archaeological Museum:

One of Europe’s most important museums, he has the largest collection of Minoan artifacts known.


Samaria Gorge:

This is his stunning 13 km gorge (often described as the longest in Europe), with spectacular paths between sky-reaching rocks. Along the trek, you can see unique trees such as ambelitsa and the famous native animal agrimi (also known as cri cri, but that’s not its real name). Agrimi are endemic wild goats, mainly found in this canyon and on Theodorou Island off the coast of Chania.


Lake Vrismeni:

Located in the Lasithi region, this beautiful lake, once thought to be bottomless, lies in the eastern city of Agios Nikolaos, which is connected to the sea. Spinalonga:

He, one of Crete’s most fascinating places, lies offshore near Plaka, an important archaeological site that once served as a colony for lepers. keep reading.


Top sights on Corfu


Panto Crater Mountain:

This is the highest peak on Corfu (906 meters above sea level) and from the top you can relax and enjoy the most breathtaking views of mainland Greece, the other Ionian islands, Albania and Salento, the so-called heel of Italy. increase.


Canal of Love:

It is a long rectangular stream with breathtaking white sandstone walls located near Sidari. There is a tunnel carved into the rock by the waves, and according to local legend, couples who swim the length of the tunnel and the stream get married. Vracherna Monastery:

Featured in many postcards and famous images of Corfu, this religious building is located on a small island at the end of a narrow jetty on the Kanoni Peninsula.


Spianada Square:

This is the largest square in Greece and a fun place to visit as you can see the local teams enjoying a match of cricket (the game was introduced to the island by the British). Liston is an elegant vaulted promenade with endless cafés to sit and people-watch.


sports for everyone


Should you choose Crete or Corfu for sports? Both islands offer a wide variety of water sports such as snorkeling, windsurfing, water skiing and paragliding. Some resorts also offer internationally recognized diving courses.


There is the option to rent your own boat to learn to sail, and mountain biking or pony him treks to get off the beaten path. Greek cuisine:


Which is better, Crete or Corfu?


Good food is always at the top of your holiday wish list. Whether you’re on Crete or Corfu, you’ll be amazed at the range of traditional Greek dishes you can enjoy on either island.


You can enjoy delicious pastries and Greek coffee all day long. Main courses include village-style salads (horiatiki), various cuts of meat cooked over charcoal, and home-baked dishes such as moussaka and gemista. A great way to enjoy a variety of dishes is to order a mezze platter.


Cretan cuisine

If you are on vacation in Crete, you must taste the local cuisine. One of the best dishes to try is the dacos. This is a large barley rusk softened in olive oil and topped with chopped tomatoes, capers, and crumbled feta or the local Mijitra cheese. Calzoni is the local cheese pie, but you can also try different types of cheese, often made in hilltop villages. Meat dishes include smoked pork (Pataki) and fried snails (also known as chochlioi boubouristi).

The island also produces excellent wine, tsikoudia, a local spirit made from grapes rather than aniseed.


Corfu cuisine


Interestingly, due to the Venetian rule of Corfu, which lasted for hundreds of years, the food found in Corfu has an Italian touch. Corfu cuisine is also unique, with regular use of spices such as wine, garlic, cloves, allspice, and cinnamon.