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Considerations to Design and Screen Printing.

Welcome To Cora’s Corner, wherever each month i’m getting to assist you with

your design problems. This month i’d prefer to discuss things to think about whereas coming up with and printing your clothes.


Tips that square measure particularly vital to stay in mind once coming up with for t-shirts. a number of them square measure additional or less distinctive to the present form of style and so simple to overlook.

Let’s get going.

1. UN agency is your supposed audience?

This clearly solely applies if you’re coming up with for a consumer instead of yourself. nevertheless amazingly, even older designers usually confuse the 2 things, particularly once one thing like article of clothing, that depends abundant on personal style, worries. place confidence in UN agency the supposed user is, and what they’d select.

2. Image size.

That is the dimensions of your style, however with additional of a stress on however that size relates to its surroundings: during this case, a tee shirt to be worn. Your level of detail, or maybe your form, may look cool on a monitor, however weird once reduced (or inflated, because the case might be) to suit the quality screen printing platen. the simplest issue to try to to is print out your style sporadically and really hold it up against your own body, to form positive everything appearance right.

3. Keep color and detail straightforward, however not boring.

Especially with screen printing, the additional colors you employ, the additional expense and risk of error you’re taking on at the printer. therefore it’s best to stay it simple—two to 3 colors and halftones is sometimes a decent rule of thumb—but not such a lot that your style is monochrome and boring and also know about T-shirt printing.

The same goes for the amount of detail you apply. plenty of complexness may look sensible in a very sharp digital format, however spells disaster once translated into ink on cloth. usually straightforward, thick lines square measure the safest during this domain, that you would possibly not wish to induce too uninteresting or company either.

4. Color of tee shirt.

This will impact your entire combination. Decide if you may use the shirt color mutually of the look colors.

5. Check your style balance

Distribution of visually “weighted” elements across a style in a very method that doesn’t tip the scales too way in anybody direction. it’s usually a decent plan to keep up such a balanced quality. However, in certain

situations you’ll go away with Associate in Nursing highly strung imbalance.

6. return to the planet before computers

Graphic style compositions created before the help of computers are often a good supply of inspiration that keys your mind to the basics and encourages you to avoid lazy digital short-cuts. This little bit of recommendation applies to primarily any kind of style, however are often particularly helpful with t-shirts.


This section can specialize in getting ready your style for a printer and effort the vocabulary required to coordinate with them.

1. Printing processes

There square measure primarily 2 ways that to use a picture to a tee shirt. one amongst them is digital. This method is capable of transferring a very careful image all told of its complexity—even a photograph. It usually solely is smart for little runs, though, as a result of it costlier than screen printing and also check out best T-shirt printing machines.

For larger runs, your best bet is screen printing. during this method, a picture is dampened into separations, every of one color. These square measure then transferred to screens, inked, and applied to the t-shirt—one once the opposite, to breed the first image. However, the stratified method will

introduce sure complexities that i will be able to discuss within the next section.

2. Separations

This refers to the separation of a picture into numerous single-color layers, that square measure then deposited on a surface in succession to structure the complete. so as to form the separating method as straightforward as doable, you certainly wish to style in a very digital program within which shapes are often separated into digital layers. You’ll additionally wish to use a vector program therefore your shapes and layers are often preserved albeit you would like to alter the dimensions of your style.

Creative person

Use creative person, CorelDraw or Photoshop. once it involves text, forever define your letters instead of feat them as a font. this is often as a result of your printer may not have an equivalent font assortment as you. If you are doing not define your font and your printer doesn’t have the one you used, this might derail the process—or worse, the printer may simply select

another font for you that you simply or your consumer doesn’t wish. In general, forever detain mind that the printer’s output hardware/software can be completely different from the one you accustomed produce your style, leading to doable incompatibilities if you are doing not cowl your bases and also check out best T-shirt printing machines.

3. Registration

Screen-printing isn’t forever a superbly precise method. a typical issue is that the minor arrangement of colors within the ink application method, that is thought as Associate in Nursing off registration. There square measure numerous techniques that square measure accustomed make certain that the layers register properly. the foremost common is to form a lure. this is often after you widen the world of shapes in your lower layers by a small amount—say, one point—in order to bridge any doable gaps that will occur between them and also the next layer, forward the 2 square measure speculated to be flush and also check out best T-shirt printing machines.

Similar plan

If you’re at home with bleed, it’s a awfully similar plan. In a different way to avoid gaps is to easily print one color directly on prime of another. This is often referred to as overprinting, and may be helpful once addressing skinny lines. That may be lost if you were to use lure. Detain mind, however, that, betting on the sort of ink used. Overprinting may result in a very darker, alloyed color. This will be dangerous if that’s not what you would like, or sensible. If you’re advisedly making an attempt to introduce a darker component. Like a shadow, while not adding actual and also check out best T-shirt printing machines.

4. Color

Most print outlets can many thanks for mistreatment Pantone colors. It’s the foremost well-liked color matching system.

As a rule of thumb, use Pantone coded colors, known in several style programs as spot colors. However, detain mind that some additional quaint print outlets may not use Pantone. And should charge a fee for matching your Pantone requests to their own color piece of material. During this case, either provoke their piece of material beforehand to make a decision on your colors. Or be willing to request generic colors like “orange” and let the shop build the calls.

5. Shirt materials and inks.

Finally, it’s vital to place confidence in the particular cloth of your tee shirt. And also the inks you employ to print on that tee shirt styles. Usually classified into 3 size categories: customary styles square measure but fourteen x fourteen inches. Therefore will simply match into the middle of most shirts; outsized styles square measure larger than that, covering. The bulk of the shirt however not crossing onto the sleeves, collar or hem. Finally, all-over styles, like their name implies, do cross over to all or any areas of a shirt. Detain mind that seams and collars are often ink traps, furthermore as interruptions of your style and also check out best T-shirt printing machines.