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Commercial embroidery machine comparison: Tajima, SWF, Happy and Ricoma

Still trying to find the right embroidery machine for business? You’ve return to the proper place as a result of during this article, we’re getting to share…

  1. A comparison chart and analysis of 4 business embroidery machines
  2. The key options to appear for in a very business embroidery machine
  3. The top players within the business embroidery machine market

Once we’re finished, you’ll have the data you wish to form an informed call and apply what you’ve learned whereas you’re advisement your choices. Let’s jump right in!

The key options in a very business embroidery machine:

If you’re trying to find associate embroidery machine for business, you most likely already understand the key options that ought to be found in a very skilled embroidery machine.

Most embroidery machine reviews or comparisons typically mention the importance of the subsequent key features:

Maximum embroidery area:

This refers to the realm of the stitching field. The larger the stitching field, the broader the variability of styles and clothes which will be adorned . A restricted embroidery space can lock you in to a little vary of comes and styles. associate embroidery machine for business ought to have an oversized embroidery space to accommodate the wants of shoppers UN agency evoke comes and styles of all sizes.

Memory size:

This refers to the embroidery machine’s constitutional memory. A machine with a bigger memory capability saves a lot of styles, reducing the time you pay commercialism and deleting styles from the embroidery machine. For that reason, a bigger memory size is a lot of common in a every embroidery machine for business than in a home embroidery machine.


This refers to however long the embroidery machine can last throughout the years and the way long the machine is meant to run. many of us UN agency need associate embroidery machine for business functions can decide on an advert grade embroidery machine instead of a home embroidery machine. However, some start with a home embroidery machine to induce their foot within the door. Later, they’ll upgrade to an advert embroidery machine as a result of they’re engineered to last loads longer, area unit designed to run daily and area unit a lot of economical if you’re trying to essentially profit within the business and also know about T-shirt printing.

But other than those obvious must-haves, you’ll additionally got to take a glance at the subsequent perks offered by the embroidery machine company (and why they’re essential specifically for an advert grade embroidery machine.)


Financing could be a main profit to stay in mind once shopping for associate embroidery machine for business functions. for a few reason, embroidery machine reviews fail to say the importance of versatile payment plans. If you financial, embroidery machine payments are low every month therefore you’ll begin in operation at a benefit from the instant you begin your business.

That way, the price of embroidery machine provides are the most prices you’ll need to worry regarding as a result of your monthly payments are low and manageable. an advert embroidery machine is often dearer than the typical home embroidery machine, therefore you’re positively getting to rather build little payments as you increase your embroidery business.


This refers to the package as an entire. you ought to be being attentive to the contents of the embroidery machine package, like whether or not or not the machine comes with hoops. If it does, what number area unit embraced? will it bring a cap attachment at no extra cost? will it include cap hoops?

These area unit all queries you wish to be asking as a result of you certainly don’t need to induce stuck paying additional for attachments, therefore make sure the package is wide to essentially get the foremost price from your purchase. That way, you won’t need to worry regarding developing with more cash to purchase one thing you wish. Embroidery machine businesses build an additional $2,000 to $3,000 off “all-inclusive starter kits” that ought to already be enclosed among the value of the machine itself.

Who area unit the highest players within the business embroidery machine market?

If you’ve been trying to find associate embroidery machine, you’ll have detected there area unit many setbacks with most embroidery machine reviews…

They are out-of-date.

Most embroidery machine reviews solely review shopper models and ignore the business embroidery machine and also check out best T-shirt printing machines.

However, if you’ve got happened to return across the few business embroidery machine reviews out there, these area unit a number of the most names you’ve most likely seen tossed around:

  • Tajima embroidery machine
  • SWF embroidery machine
  • Happy embroidery machine
  • Ricoma embroidery machine

The chart below details the specs of every of those embroidery machines. check up on however they match up to every different.


We’re beginning with value as a result of that’s the primary question we have a tendency to continually get. the price varies from around $12,000 to $17,000. So the Ricoma embroidery machine is that the most cheap complete of the four, whereas the Tajima embroidery machine is that the most costly. The SWF embroidery machine and therefore the Happy embroidery machine area unit somewhere within the middle once it involves worth and also check out best T-shirt printing machines.

Keep in mind, this is often MSRP that we’re showing here that the worth. Can vary betting on the dealer (this is simply the foremost correct estimate we will get). So Betting on your dealer, they’re going to charge additional for attachments. Or upsell you to associate wide package for one or two thousand greenbacks a lot of. The Ricoma embroidery machine worth is associate wide worth. Meaning you may get the whole package for the value you see.


An embroidery machine for business functions typically has regarding fifteen needles. The explanation why it’s vital to appear at the quantity of needles is as.  So A result of the a lot of needles the machine has, the a lot of economical the machine are. If the machine has a lot of needles, you won’t need to swap the thread and rethread. The needle anytime you would like to embroider a distinct color. Out of this list, these area unit all an equivalent across the board.

Digitizing software:

Most brands can embrace some digitizing software package with the acquisition. Usually a light or basic version wherever you’ll edit some already-digitized designs. If you’re trying to find associate embroidery machine for business. Use, likelihood is, you most likely won’t got to do full digitizing. Presumably, you’ll simply got to do smallest redaction. That you’ll positively bring home the bacon with the light version.

You’ll even have the choice to get the total version of the embroidery software package. However it’s not necessary if you decide on to source your digitizing. Through our expertise operating with embroidery businesses. We’ve learned regarding eightieth of companies source their digitizing. This is often principally as a result of you’ll get a digitized style anyplace from $5 to $10. Whereas digitizing your own style typically takes hours which won’t build. The maximum amount sense for the expansion and potency of your business and also check out best T-shirt printing machines.

Cap attachment:

If you would like to embroider caps, you’ll want a cap attachment. The cap embroidery machine attachment is already enclosed among the Ricoma embroidery machine worth. It’s additionally enclosed among the value of the Happy and SWF embroidery machine. The Tajima embroidery machine has associate equally wide cap frame. However the most draw back is that customers need to pay extra for the attachment and also check out best T-shirt printing machines.

If they require to try to to cap embroidery. Machine cap attachments for these brands will value up to $1,500. The cap embroidery attachment could be. A wise alternative for anyone UN agency desires a flexible embroidery machine. to not mention. Custom hats area unit each extremely profitable and in high demand. With the Ricoma embroidery machine, you won’t pay any more money on. These components as a result of they’re already enclosed with the machine.