lipstick shades


Every girl has had the challenge of finding the perfect lipstick that makes her day, adds glam to any look and makes her appear like a complete fashionista. It’s true, with the variety of choices that are available, choosing the best one is a daunting task.

However we’ve done an amount of study on our own and came up with the five most popular shades of matte lipstick that every woman who loves beauty should keep in her makeup kit. The shades of these lipsticks are extremely versatile and go well with all outfits to make your look perfect!

01. A vibrant red for those times when you’re feeling sexy

It’s no secret that the flick of red lipstick will transform any look and make you appear instantly gorgeous. It can be worn with casual attires or pair it with your dress or LBDs, there is nothing as universally appealing and powerful than red lipstick.

02. A fiery pink is perfect to wear when you’re feeling cute and flirty

We all have moments when red lipstick is too strong and the non-resisting lipstick just feels boring. What’s an individual girl to do? Go for the pretty pink lipstick What else? A pink lipstick can add the right amount of drama, without taking away attention away from your outfit. Choose a gorgeous pink shade and watch the the magic unfold.

03. A pure MLBB lipstick for those who want to look sophisticated and poised

There are times where we would like to chill and relax and that goes for our lipsticks as well. That’s when you’ll need a lovely MLBB (my lips, but better) shade on your makeup bag. It provides your lips with an attractive hue, without the drama and over-the-topness.

04. A berry or a plum to be used when you are feeling daring

Are you tired of playing the game miss-goody-two-shoes constantly? Let your imagination run wild with dark shades of berry and plum. A berry or plum shade makes for a very striking look and breaks the monotony of reds and pinks.

The trends will change however, some timeless lipstick shades are never out of style. Just one swipe, you can alter your simple work-wear look into the party-goer. You only need one of each color palette and you’ll be ready to wear any look!

You don’t have to store an abundance of colors in the makeup bags there’s no need! It’s just a matter of finding the perfect shade from the five lipstick shades. Don’t be tempted to wear the same shade with every outfit!

Red Shades

Nothing is more striking than red lips. Red lipsticks always have been an eye-catching fashion statement and that’s why it is among the most sought-after colors for lipsticks. Red in all its shades is among the most popular lipstick options of the past. It is possible to test the texture and color to determine what you like most.

Reds and coral

The best tones for dusky or Indian skin tones.

Rich reds

Ideal for fair-toned skin

Reds with orange or blood reds

The best tones for wheatish, medium, and olive skin tones.

Nude Shades

Nudes are the newest trend that has taken the fashion industry to the forefront. There’s a wide selection of nudes available. Since they are a must for every woman, you should have at the very least one of them in your arsenal of beauty. Nudes can be worn all day for a casual style or with a glossy shades to wear to an event. These are the top colors of nude

Nude with orange or yellow undertones

The best tones for wheatish, medium, or olive skin tones.

The Nude has red tones with red accents.

Ideal option for Indian and dusky skin tones.

Pink undertones and a nude look.

The best for fair skin toned skin

Pink Shades

Pink can bring an attractive and youthful appearance to your face. This color of lips is among the top shades for women because of its flexibility. It’s perfect for daytime wear and is great with cute casual outfits.

Rose Pink

Ideal tones for dusky or Indian skin tones.

Coral Pink

Ideal for fair skin tones


The best choice for all skin tones.

Coral Shades

Coral is always an evergreen shade of lipstick since there’s a perfect color for each girl. Colors of coral add an organic shine to your face and can give you a fresh style. It is an essential lipstick shade for your makeup collection because it’s adorable and natural, feminine, elegant gentle, and fun and all of these.

Brown Shades

Brown is suitable for any skin tone. It is available in a range colors and shades. The shiny copper brown lipstick color was popular during the 1990s, and it has now been replaced by more delicate matte brown. Brown lipsticks look incredibly glamorous on women with dark skin tones.