Challenges Faced By an IT Consulting Service Company

IT consulting companies are service-based businesses. And because of their specific domain, they do not get the same admiration as the product-based businesses. The managed IT service providers are trying their best to evolve as a unit, but there are a few challenges that are restricting them. The startups in the modern world are up to creating something big which does not require services at the primary level. Here are some of the challenges and obstacles faced by business software resellers giving out computer and network consulting services.

Generate New Business

Getting new customers is always the prime target whether a company is offering IT consulting services or something else. In most cases, the IT consulting firms work on contracts and tend to focus more on gaining new clients. Although the firms give their best to serve the companies one at a time, people think they are putting more effort into finding new ones. As per studies, one of the biggest traps service companies get into is being too comfortable with the existing projects and current client base, and a few consulting firms are no exceptions.

Retaining Talent

If you are a managed IT service provider, you know about the competition in the business domain. No doubt that makes the talent environment highly competitive as well. Many think the incentives like promotions and salaries are not effective. Modern-day employees thrive working in an environment that challenges them. They urge more involvement in choosing what projects they are been assigned to. And lastly, they want to participate in the technology-related decisions that drive these projects.

Employee retention is crucial when you successfully want your brand to be recognized by everyone.


Every business software reseller offering IT consultation wants innovation. But the problem lies at the root. Only a few are trying something new that satisfies the clients. Building a reputation for indulging innovative ways takes a bit more than tall claims. The IT consultant firms need to showcase their better sides and positive points that make them tick. They should expose their positive sides explaining how they work, their ideas of leadership, technology, and company culture.


For all the companies, networking has become a crucial weapon to triumph in the ever-changing market. Unfortunately, the managed IT service providersare more into working and less into marketing. You need to market your products and services to be known and admired. As an entity, you need to develop mutually beneficial relationships with other enterprises in your industry domain. This act will help you build a brand reputation in the software world. Moreover, your gesture will pull more new clients in referrals and increase your revenue status.

Welcoming New Skill Sets

In various cases, you might have found that you require an entirely different set of skills from the one your IT consulting service company is possessing now to deal with a new project. Companies overcome this problem through frequent pieces of training usually. However, at times, you may have to hire new employees solely to cater to the new project’s requirements. The process seems to be difficult for many companies to take the needful decision when it comes to hiring in a crisis. But, it is essential to keep the focus on the long-term goal of the company and face the challenge accordingly.

Relinquishing Control

IT consulting is more about influencing than controlling the market. The business software resellersoffering IT consultancy perform a service for the clients, but that does not allow them to control the client’s way of operations. The very dissimilarity is often challenging to maintain and even comes in between you and the client.


There are challenges in every field when you try to dwell. But overcoming them and establishing new feet is all you need to do. IT consulting service companies are trying hard, and frankly, some even exceed the client’s needs.

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