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Card not working or lost? Here are 5 easy ways to contact credit card customer care

If you have lost a credit card, or you feel your card is not working. Because of fraudulent usage, or your account is being hack into.  You need to let your financer know of it at the earliest. You can do this in several ways, and we will look at every method in this article. Depending on your geographic location. The availability or lack of WIFI/internet speed. And your personal preference, one way might be more suit to you than others. For any situation of credit card like stolen or lost then contact credit card customer care and get the best solution.

In the event that your credit card is lost or stolen, what to do first

Phone Banking

If you’ve lost your credit card, picking up the phone and calling. Your financial institution to let them know is probably the easiest and quickest method to do so. The bank representative will need to verify your identity with a few personal details. Such as your date of birth or your mother’s maiden name, but never your ATM pin! 

Your credit card PIN is classified as personal information. And only a scammer would ask for it, so always be careful when using this method. Keeping your bank’s customer service number store on your mobile devices is a good idea. If you do not have it at hand, a simple google search will provide the information. Once you have notify the bank of your loss. The card will be block immediately, and a replacement card will be send to your official address. 


Do you feel you want your notification of the loss of a credit card on record? While the phone call may be the quickest way to block a credit card, you could always follow it up with an email to the bank. To look for the customer service email, you’d need to go through earlier notification emails from the bank, which are usually automate on a ‘no reply’ service – but they typically contain an email address in the mail. 

You can use the customer service email ID to contact the bank about the loss/misuse of your card and have it on record for future reference. Any such email is usually replied to automatically, with a follow-up reference number or ID. 

Text Message

This is not the easiest method to block a credit card, but quick and efficient nevertheless. Every bank usually has a specific messaging format that their AI can interpret. This format would include spaces, special characters, and capitals. It might be a good idea to have this store in your phone for times of emergency. 

Unless you have this at hand, it will be challenging to look for the format and understand it, especially when you may already be distress after losing a credit card! However, if you are near one of the bank branches, simply stepping in and approaching the ‘May I help you desk’ would be enough to set the process in motion. Customer service desks are place for this very purpose. Either the representative would block your card from their end or guide you on the text message format to go ahead and stop card usage. 

Call to Your Credit Card Provider

Call the company that issue your credit card right away to report the theft or loss of your missing card. Normally, you would look for the phone number to call on the back of the card. When your card has been steel or misplace, that is not an option.

Not to worry. The phone number of your credit card issuer can be find online or on your credit card statement. You might be able to report your loss in a bank branch or on the website of the card issuer.

Remember that the law places restrictions on your culpability for unlawful charges. $50 is the most you’ll ever pay. But move quickly. Before someone starts using your card for unauthorise transactions and charges, you should take care of the situation.

Advice: You won’t be responsible for any illegal charges if you notify your lost or stolen card before anyone else uses it. 

Online Banking

If you have access to a laptop, or online banking on a mobile device, deactivating a credit card is only a few clicks away. You will probably be ask for your ATM pin to do this online. Net banking apps will have a credit card section, from which this can be done effortlessly. 

You can also chat with a bot under the help section if you have difficulty navigating through the app. If any of the queries are not address under the automate help bot, you can also request to chat with a bank representative. If, for some reason, you still need help, you will be direct to the phone banking method mention above. Some providers also have dedicate credit card apps to help service your requirements. 

Write a letter

So, you’ve deactivated your credit cards but still want to see it through by writing a letter? This is the oldest possible method but efficient nonetheless. You can hand over a letter to a credit card representative at a branch or send it through mail or a courier service. If you are in the habit of filing all your records as physical copies, this method will provide prolonged proof of your cancellation request. 

You might choose to write a letter to credit card customer care at the Bank corporate office if you don’t want to call, email, or send an SMS. For the required action to be done, you must provide a thorough explanation of your problem. For any additional verification, including a copy of your identifying documentation with the letter.

For International Customers

To contact Bank credit card foreign customer service, call one of the following international hotlines. The bank will always provide a credit card kit with the hotline number for an overseas customer, and the numbers are toll-free helplines in various nations.


In order to meet your demands, the bank offers a variety of credit cards. Additionally, they offer knowledgeable and helpful customer service. What will you do in the event that you misplace your credit card or it malfunctions while you are shopping? The times when you had to wait and endure painful procedures are long gone.

If you suspect fraudulent activity on your credit card or have lost a credit card, immediate deactivation needs to be done by contacting credit Card customer care listed above. While phone banking is the quickest way to do this, you can follow it up with emails, letters, credit card apps, or SMS services to ensure you have proof of the cancellation request. Online bots or live chats with customer care representatives from the bank can help ease the process with online requests. 


If you haven’t heard back from the bank or aren’t happy with the response you got, you can contact the Banking Ombudsman, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) appointed. The official websites of the Bank and the RBI both have information about the Banking Ombudsman.

In short at the end your need to contact with bank immediately as soon as possible otherwise someone who stolen your credit card will make any fraudulent payment in that case you need to contact credit Card customer care otherwise you are the one who is liable for that. So, when you realise that you lost your credit card then call, text, mail, or visit branch as soon as possible and inform in bank so that you will be save and not liable for the payment spending by others.