Spirit Airlines baggage policy
There are two ways to change a name on a Spirit Airlines Reservations.

Can I Change the Name on My Spirit Airlines Ticket?

How can I change the name on my Spirit Airlines ticket? It’s pretty easy to change the name on your ticket before your flight departs. But there are some restrictions that you should know about first. If you need to change your ticket after it’s been issued, you can’t do so on Spirit Airlines website. You’ll have to call their Spirits customer service department at 888-678-0392. And ask them to make the changes for you over the phone. Please note that any changes made to your ticket will result in additional fees charged by Spirit Airlines.

Changing The Name on an Existing Flight

There are two ways to change a name on a Spirit Airlines Reservations. The first is to call up Spirit and ask them to change it for you. They’ll usually be able to do that, but only if it’s within 24 hours of your flight. So don’t count on that option if you’re at all unsure of whether or not you can make it work by then. The second way is Spirit check in online; there’s an updated ticket information link when you look at your reservation details online (it might take some hunting around, though). Log in with your account and password info from before, enter any required changes like flight times and so forth, then submit that form and hope they accept it.

Reserving A New Flight With A Different First/Last Name

Many airlines allow you to change your name up until a certain point prior to travel, usually when you check in Spirit Airlines or within 24 hours of checking in. You’ll just need to bring valid identification with your new name (such as a driver’s license). Note that if you’re traveling with someone else, it can take extra time and effort to change their information. Also, note that many airlines will charge a fee for making changes. Always read your airline’s policy before changing names!

Changing The First/Last Name Before Purchasing Your Ticket

If you would like to make a name change before purchasing your ticket, please call Spirit Airlines customer service number 888-678-0392. And we will be happy to assist you with your Spirit Airlines reservations. Please note that name changes are subject to availability. This change is $100 per ticket in addition to any fare difference. If there is no fare difference, then there will be no charge for making a change.

Changing The First/Last Name When Picking Up Your Ticket At The Airport

First, you’ll need to spirit checkin online for your flight at least an hour before your scheduled departure time. When you spirit check in, look for a kiosk near the desk where you’ll be picking up your ticket. In most cases, these kiosks are labeled check in spirit or ticketing. Using these kiosks is usually faster than using a counter and will help get you through security quickly (don’t forget to grab your stuff from one of those overpriced baggage claim carousels first) with Spirit Airlines baggage policy. Before checking in for your flight, however, make sure that you have all of your travel documents handy. You’ll need proof of identity when picking up tickets issued in someone else’s name.

Dealing with Spirit’s Red Tape (Changing Your First/Last Name With A Copy of ID)

Sometimes, when we’re traveling, our plans change and we have to book new flights. At most airlines, that’s simple—we just contact the telephone number for spirit airlines to change our ticketing details. But at Spirit Airlines, who pride themselves on being a cut-throat low-cost carrier, all tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable… even if your plans (and name) change. So how can you manage changing your first/last name with a copy of ID? Read below for a step-by-step guide. If it doesn’t work out, you’ll still be able to use any frequent flyer miles or rewards points towards future travel. If you need help with another issue related to booking or managing your flight with Spirit Airlines, read more about their policies on the Spirit Airlines Official Site .

Contact Information For Spirit Tickets And Services

For starters, you should make sure you don’t book two one-way tickets. If you’re booking a round-trip ticket with a layover, book two separate tickets so you can use your layover without worrying about losing your seats for both legs of your trip. Check in Spirit Airlines flight with your airline to see if there are any fees associated with name changes and try to get confirmation from them that any additional charges will be waived. There is also a chance they won’t let you change names at all, so try to Book Spirit Airlines far enough in advance that there is plenty of time to have it fixed before traveling. In these cases, there’s not much else to do but figure out an alternative travel plan.

Tips for Future Avoidance of This Issue (Must Read!)

Your passport, which you’ll use to board your flight and return home (if applicable), is extremely important. Protect it—like you would any other valuable possession—and make sure to not put it at risk of being lost or stolen. If you have to check luggage with Spirit Airlines baggage policy, do not pack important documents in your carry-on bag, especially if that carry-on bag is small enough to be carried onto a plane by anyone else (think backpacks and laptop bags). The last thing you want is for someone else—or worse, a stranger—to take your stuff. You should also never place too much trust in others when traveling abroad; otherwise, they might just steal your passport without even knowing its true value!