Call of Duty Cold War: A player suffers a bug on the Cartel map

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is not exactly that it has wonderful maps. But now it seems that due to a bug, the Cartel map has improved a lot and the community is now asking Treyarch to stay that way.

Call of Duty Cold War: A player suffers a bug on the Cartel map and the community asks to keep it that way

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has come up with the right maps, and it’s not that all of them are exactly good, to tell the truth. Cartel, one of which was available in the beta version of the game last October, has been garnering strong criticism since the community first tested it, say, publicly.

This map with three somewhat wide lanes, it is said, has a couple of areas that are full of plants and bushes and it is a bit uphill to see the enemies that are close to us. And let alone those who are far away. Players have more than once asked Treyarch to remove those bushes to improve map visibility, but the company has so far turned a deaf ear.

However, recently a fan, due to a bug in the game, was able to see the map without those bushes in between, and the result has amazed players so much that now they can’t even imagine playing the original map:

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The result? Well, the Cartel map gains a lot without much ornament involved. At the moment, we do not believe that Treyarch is going to make any kind of change in the setting, since such a movement has seldom been seen in the saga. But anything is possible, and seeing as the company is listening to feedback on the game now more than ever to balance it, fix bugs, and polish it for season 1 of the game, anything is possible.

Call of Duty Cold War: Community Demands What Seemed Impossible

Although for years there have been complaints about this category of weapons in the Call of Duty saga, this Black Ops Cold War seems to have broken the mold by making the launchers too bad and has made the community regret what it has been saying for years.

Call of Duty Cold War: Community Demands What Seemed Impossible and Wants Explosive Upgrades

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War community has done something that seemed like it could never happen: ask Treyarch to make a launcher upgrade. Both the RPG-7 and the grenade launchers in the game have been criticized, although this time it is due to their reduced power and not to the usual cause, which is usually just the opposite. However, many players believe that in the current state it is not even worth they’re being present in the game.

The situation is caused, to a large extent, by the need to use this type of weapon to achieve the most important camouflage of this Call of Duty: Cold War. To do this, you have to meet all the challenges and unlock the Diamond skin of all categories of weapons, something that seems practically impossible and that is driving all the players who try it crazy, who must go to extreme mode to be able to play in conditions with these explosives.

However, the problem might not be caused by these weapons alone. Advantage Protective suit. It is a classic of the saga that causes us to take less damage from explosives of all categories, except those of kill streaks. For many players the damage mitigation is completely disproportionate… and they are right. Not even a direct RPG 7 hit to the opponent’s head is enough to finish him off.

At the moment Treyarch has not commented anything on the matter. The developer should perhaps reduce the power of this advantage and increase that of the launchers very slightly. However, the players are right when they argue that if they are going to be completely useless it does not make much sense that they are present in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in any way and force us to use them to achieve the long-awaited dark matter camouflage.