Buy a .ae Domain Extension For UAE Based Website

Buy a .ae Domain Extension For UAE Based Website

In order to start a website, you’ll need a Domain Name and a Domain Name Extension.

Many domain extensions are available for your website, such as .in, .com, .edu, .net, .ae etc. 

But if your website is based in UAE then you should buy a .ae Domain Name. UAE Internet users give more preference to the .ae extensions website and they feel secure while making a purchase. Do you know, by the beginning of 2022 there were 237,000 officially registered .ae Domain Names. It clearly demonstrates the trust of entrepreneurs, investors, and enterprises over .ae country-level domain.

When you buy a .ae Domain  Extension for your website there are many benefits you get. 

In this article, you’ll learn what to expect when You Buy a .ae Domain for a website and its lifecycle. 

What is ccTLD? 

Full-Form of ccTLD is Country Code Top Level Domain. There is a  domain name for every country such as .ru as the Russia Country domain name, and .de as the Germany Country Domain name which allows internet users in that region to search for content and websites specific to that country. The ccTLD for UAE is .ae and is preferred by the users based in UAE. 

Brief: .ae Domain Name

Simply put, .ae Domain Names are used by the United Arab Emirates as their country code top-level domain. Business owners have used a Domain name for their website to get their products online and sell them in UAE.

.ae Domains are administered by the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, which is part of the .ae Domain Administration (aeDA).

In the DNS (Domain Name System), each country has its own subset of domains. The .ae Domain is just one of many global domains.

Benefits of Choosing a UAE Domain For website 

Buy a .ae Domain  Extension For UAE Based Website

1. It’s Great For SEO

.ae Domains will increase your local SEO ranking in the United Arab Emirates if you sell any products or services (with or without a local presence).

The region you’re targeting (we’ll call it the UAE) will be the only country where your SEO efforts will be concentrated, so you will have fewer international competitors that compete in markets, niches, or industries similar to yours.

This will allow search engines like Google to crawl your site more quickly, getting an idea of whether the site has UAE relevance, which will increase the chances of being ranked first and second in SERPs (search engine results pages).   

It is all about an Internationalisation and Localization. Smaller markets offer a better chance of attracting customers. In a big market, you no longer have an advantage over the small one.

2. It Feels More Professional 

UAE domain registration enhances the professional image of businesses selling services or products in the United Arab Emirates. It will not only display that your business is located in the UAE, but it will also establish your brand’s identity within the UAE.

Internet users in a specific region may prefer to do business with local companies, and the .ae differentiator allows you to show them that you’re a genuine brand, so they become more trusting of your business.

3. It Showcases Your Commitment to Your Audience 

We mentioned briefly earlier that registering a .ae Domain builds trust with potential customers. As a result, your dedication to the market you’re targeting and respect for your audience is evident.

4. There are Bigger Selection of Domains that have not been Picked out Yet 

There are millions of websites in the.COM domain space, and more and more are being registered every day. You may have a distinct vision for the design of your domain name. You have a much lower chance of obtaining that domain with the.COM extension. With a .ae Domain, however, you have more control and flexibility to choose your brand’s domain name.

The Life Cycle of a .ae Domain 

One to two years, after buying a .ae Domain, you will have to renew your domain with your Registrar. It is likely that most registrars will offer you two options for renewing: automatic or manual.

If you intend to do business in the UAE (whether with or without a local presence), it probably makes more sense to set up your domain for auto-renewal. 

On the other hand, if you do a manual renewal, you need to do this yourself. It is possible that you might not remember to renew the domain in time. For you to begin using the domain name again, you will need to restore the domain name.


If your website is UAE Based then Buy a .ae Domain for the website. When you choose a .ae Domain there are some factors that you consider:- 

  1. Research 
  2. Make it sweet and short 
  3. Make it easy to remember 
  4. Use keywords related to your brand
  5. Avoid Misspelt Domains and double letters