lewis gratz fell

Biography Lewis gratz fell

Lewis Gratz Fell (Born 28th of June 1907, died on the 6th of January, 2000, aged 90) was a successful American businessman, who became famous for his ex-husband Aileen Wuornos. The notorious female serial killer killed around eight people in the late 90s.

Lewis gratz fell was married and met Wuornos in the year 1976. He had hoped to be married for a long time, but it was ruined due to her violent tendencies. The couple was forced to obtain an order of restrain. The marriage was also annulled after only nine months.

Lewis Gratz Fell moved on to live his normal life following the entire incident. Wuornos, on the other hand, continued her encounters with law enforcement. Wuornos eventually became an infamous serial killer in the 90s and was eventually arrested and sentenced to be executed. Her execution was scheduled for 2002.

Biography Lewis gratz fell

Full name: Lewis gratz fell

Gender: Male

Date of birth:  28th in June 1907

Death: 6th of January, 2000. (At the aged of 92)

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Nationality: American

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Sexual Orientation: straight

Religion: Christianity

Marital Status: divorced

Lewis Gratz’s Children: Kativine Royce Fell

Lewis Gratz Parents: Robert Gratz ad Florence Fe2 *

Siblings: Flo Rece Fell. Henry Fell. And Robert Fell Jr.

Lewis Gratz’s Height in Inches: is 5 feet 9 inches Lewis Fell’s height in centimeters is 175 *

Lewis Gratz Fell’s weight: 70kg

Lewis Gratz’s net worth: 510 Skin

Kathrine Royce( 1928- 1932), Elizabeth Carpenter( married and disassociated between 1932 and 1938), AlieenWuornos( May 1976 to July)

Famous for: ex-husband of Aileen Wuornos. convicted serial bier

Lewis Gratz Fell Never Remarried Again Until His Muth in 2000

Lewis fell death:

The divorce of which he was a part is due to Aileen Wuornos. Lewis Gratz Fell never remarried once more. He was focused on his yacht club, as well as other social events. He was also focused on his own child. The Pennsylvania native could have had romantic relationships. But he would keep them to a casual level. The same was the case for things until the 6th of January, 2000.

Lewis Gratz Fell was aged around 92 when he passed away. The reason for the death of Lewis Fell death is not identified. However, one thing certain is his ex-wife. Aileen Wuornos. This ad has nothing to do with be related to Lewis Fell death. Since they were already in jail at the time of her arrest. Lewis Gratz Fell died of natural cams. fikety illness. and the compecations of old age. The funeral was conducted without publicity as he stayed out of the media and spotlight because of his connection with Aileen Wuomos.

He survived by several Relatives, Including His Child – Katherine

Le’n’s Gratz Fell has only one c*ld Fetime. And thot is his daughter, KathrZne Royce Fell. Born in 1929. Fell has lived her life to the fullest. He away from the spotlight in order to not be associated with her father’s fourth wife who died in the same year. Fell is now 93 years old or older. She may be diving with great-grandchildren and possibly grandchildren. There is a possibility that she could be a bit late. She may leave a lot of descendants in her after her.

He was the president of the Father’s Coal Mining Company, The Keystone Coal Company

Lewis Gratz Fell grew up in Philadelphia and completed a good amount of schooling, perhaps as high as a college diploma. Fell later began a profession and made a living by honest methods. The company Fell did work for included the Keystone Coal Mining Company which his father co-founded and chaired with his father.

Fell was able to climb within into the upper ranks within the organization. At some time. He became the President of the company. Lewis Gratz Fell wasn’t all work and not much enjoyment. He was active in the social scene when he was a kid. He continued this into his later years, and was even elected as the president of a regional yacht club located in Florida.

Lewis Gratz Fell Became Aileen Wuornos in 1976

In time. Lewis Gratz Fell left Pennsylvania. He was probably in other cities. Then he settled in Florida. Lewis Gratz Fell was lived in Dayson County. Florida. It was during his time in Florida when he first met Michigan local Aileen Wuornos. She was a hitchhiker to the city to seek more fortune and they came across one another at some point.

They quickly and passionately fell in love with one another and soon they tied the knot in May of 1976. Lewis Gratz Fell married Aileen Wuornos in the year 69. On the contrary. she was just 20 years old. which is a 49 year older than her.

Lewis fell net worth:

Lewis Gratz Fell was an innocuous and totally innocent victim of Aileen Wuornos, who slashed him with his cane, but he remained. In actuality, he lived for another 24 years following the filing of an annulment and a restraining order. their marriage. He passed away from natural causes on the 6th of January 2000, aged 92. Lewis fell net worth at that time was considerable. The value of Lewis fell net worth was believed to be around $2-5 million at the time, given that the man had clearly continued to work in his job and kept his status the length of time that was possible.