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What does a waste sorting bin manufacturer Birmingham look like? Except for appropriate markings or colors, their appearance does not differ much from traditional baskets. Therefore, when buying them, you should pay attention to:

The material is important not only because of the strength of the basket, but also the ease of cleaning it. Therefore, the container must be made of a material coated with a special coating that facilitates cleaning (necessarily smooth). If we buy expensive products with a rough or convex surface, the dirt can be very difficult to remove.

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Each of them includes a certain type of waste that can only stored with each other – this means that you must have more than one container. However, how can you label individual containers so you know what to drop into them? Colors will help with this.

What color are the recycling containers?

This is a generally accepted set of colors that is used not only at home but also in all kinds of enterprises.

Blue color. The container marked with this color is for paper only. Therefore, all kinds of newspapers, books (paperback only), cardboard, some cardboard packaging, and other types of paper placed in it. Each paper waste should not contain metal or other elements that not intended to separated from waste paper. Also, make sure it is clean and dry. What can not thrown into the blue container? According to the rules, they cannot include but not limited to, beverage and milk bags (they are plastic), banknotes, wallpapers, diapers, clothing, sanitary napkins, and wax paper.

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Red color. This type of container will contain metal and aluminum debris. Among other things, these are cans, metal parts, and lids.

Green color. They are marked with containers intended for the segregation of colored glass. All this means that you can fit in them, including bottles for juices, drinks, and alcohol, as well as glass containers for cosmetics, food, and other goods. Remember that bottles must not broken and filled with liquid or food. What else can not be thrown into green containers? The list includes porcelain, ceramics, lamps, light bulbs, armored and heat-resistant glass, kinescopes, thermometers, and car windows. Also, do not throw away glass with labels and stickers.

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White color. This applies to transparent glass containers. The rules are the same as for colored glass – the waste must be dry, empty, and without any rubber, plastic, or metal elements.

Yellow color. Throw plastic and metal at them. The list of allowed waste is as follows: caps, plastic bottles, plastic packaging (including milk, juice, cleaning products), plastic bags, cans, and cardboard bags. Like any container, yellow has its limitations. It must not contain waste such as plastic toys, oil packaging, paints, pharmaceutical and aerosol products, electronics, and household appliances or furniture. Garbage must also be clean, dry, and empty, without labels or stickers.

Black color. Thus, all containers with garbage unsuitable for sorting marked. We are talking about waste such as diapers, soiled paper, broken glass, porcelain, toys, polystyrene, rubber, ash or various types of kitchen waste.

In addition to the above examples of waste, there is also garbage that cannot be thrown anywhere. We are talking primarily about batteries, accumulators and household appliances, medicines and thermometers or construction waste. Such things should taken to special points (for example, batteries and electronics in containers in stores, medicines in pharmacies) or to a landfill (construction waste).

Containers for sorting garbage in the house and apartment

There are many varieties on the market. However, you should remember that you not necessarily forced to install up to 6 bins. You should ask the housing and communal services for instructions on sorting garbage – they will tell you what containers needed. The waste bins Birmingham most common baskets are blue, yellow, and green.

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