Best Tourist Attractions in Melbourne

One of the most liveable and lively cities in the world, Melbourne manages to draw a great number of tourists every year. The reason being attached to culture and history is what lures a lot of visitors Speak to a Person at Qantas. People who go there never run short of things to do once they are here. However, if you are in search of some of the best tourist attractions in Melbourne, you can find a fantastic list here.

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List of the Best Tourist Attractions in Melbourne 

Now let us dive into the destinations and attractions that Melbourne offers to its visitors. Look into them:

Royal Botanical Garden:

The garden is full of greenery, and it provides a great space for the visitors to spend time with lakes, trees, flowers, and different varieties iof wildlife. So, if you are a nature enthusiast, you must try out this place in Melbourne.

Moreover, if you are interested in the live concerts and events Speak to a Person at Qantas, you must book your flight ticket for the summer days. Yes, in summers, the garden provides a space for events and a moonlight cinema set up. 

Federation Square:

The square was opened in the year 2002 to mark the federation. There are two extreme sections in Melbourne. One those who love this and the other those who hate this. Still, the federation square is one of the most famous points in Melbourne. Most of the visitors start their sightseeing trip from this point only. Also, the place is known for holding more than 2000 shoes and events annually. So, if you are here in Melbourne, never miss out on this destination. 


Go to the Southbank if you are in search of a culture fix. Plus, it is situated on the Yarra River, making it one of the most attractive spots in Melbourne. This place is embedded with shops, restaurants, and cafes. Also, if you wish to see the nightlife in Melbourne, you must come to Southbank.

Eureka Tower:

The best time to explore this place is during the sunset. Yes, if you want to see this place at its best presentation when the sun bids goodbye to the world for the day. The view is so mesmerizing that it is not going to fade from your memories ever. 

Melbourne Zoo:

If you are traveling with your kids and family, you can bring them here to the Melbourne Zoo. You are going to find all types of creatures here, from tiny insects and butterflies to large animals such as elephants. 

So, these are the top places to be added to your list of places to see in Melbourne. However, there are many other places, but you can consider the above-mentioned destinations in the first place. 

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