Best Trimming Scissors For Bud
Best Trimming Scissors For Bud

Best scissors for bud trimming Spotlight: How to Trim Cannabis

Starting out as a trimmer is a common entry-level profession in the cannabis industry. Manicuring technician, cultivation technician, and so on are all names for the same occupation. Whatever you call the job, it’s crucial in today’s cannabis business. Some jobs as a cannabis trimmer don’t require prior expertise, but it still pays to educate yourself as much as possible about the field. As a result, we interviewed a former trimmer and compiled a handbook on the best practises they employed.

For thousands of cannabis enthusiasts, trimming is no longer only a seasonal activity that occurs around harvest. Many people who have studied cannabis farming feel that the bud should be handled by a person before being sold to customers. It may look like a simple job, but mastery requires attention to detail. Keep in mind that a temporary position as a cannabis trimmer might open doors to permanent, higher-paying work in the cannabis industry.


What’s the Point of Cutting Weed Down to Size?

Trimming is a crucial part of keeping cannabis plants in check as they mature. There’s more to trimming cannabis than just making it look better. By removing leaves and bucking the bud, you may expose the trichome-rich interior of the cannabis nug. You may reduce the intensity of the smoke even further by discarding the fan and sugar leaves. The plant tissue does not effectively wick away moisture. Marijuana cures more effectively if it is trimmed beforehand. Curing, or progressively reducing moisture from the bud, contributes to improving the smoking experience. Last but not least, the scent of trimmed cannabis is sometimes more potent, which might lead to increased sales.


Exactly When Should Cannabis Be Cut Back?

Trimming cannabis plants can be done either before or after they are dried. Both approaches are used by cultivators, thus none can be considered superior. Wet trimming is preferred by cultivators when humidity levels are high, mould growth is a worry, and rapid drying of the cannabis bud is desired. Dry  best scissors for bud trimming  is done in low-humidity conditions, with the goals of achieving a denser, tighter crop. In this sense, it’s up to the tastes of the cultivator. Wet and dry trims are both part of your work as a cannabis trimmer.


Scissors: a pair of scissors is the recommended tool for this task.

A cannabis trimmer should be familiar with numerous different types of scissors, but Fiskars scissors are by far the most ubiquitous. Scissors by Fiskars are lightweight, razor-sharp, and spring-activated, opening up after each cut.


Gardening or disposable gloves will be provided to you as part of your uniform as a cannabis trimmer. To keep your hands clean and safe from the resin, put on some gloves. In addition, they will prevent the cannabis plant from being contaminated by hand particles.

Four separate containers will be used to store the marijuana. Cookie sheets are commonly used by cannabis trimmers for sorting trimmed, untrimmed, and trim cannabis. Additionally, the non-trichomed leaves can be placed on a separate sheet.

Oil: Oil is essential for keeping your shears functional and effective while cutting cannabis. Grape seed oil and olive oil are two great natural oils to use on both your skin and your scissors.


Guidelines for Performing a Hand-held Plant Trim

The first step is to cut the stalk and branches.

It’s best to start by snipping the main stem with some scissors. As with any plant, the marijuana plant’s branches should be removed once the main stalk has been cut. If the head grower has decided to clip the plant dry, this is the stage at which it is hung to dry. It might take a week or longer for the marijuana plant to dry. If the master grower approves of moist trimming, though, you’ll go on to the next stage of this method.

First, Pick Off the Leaves

Cannabinoids are the active ingredients in cannabis, and the classic representation of the plant is a five-leaf clover. trimming scissors cannabis involves removing the plant’s distinctive fan leaves. You won’t find any trichomes on a cannabis leaf. And THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, is concentrated in trichomes, the plant’s hair-like reproductive structures. You may use your scissors for dry trimming. On the other hand, if you do your pruning when it’s moist, you may just peel the leaves off.

3. Releasing

You will begin bucking the plant once its leaves have been removed. To “buck” a plant, one merely removes its bud from its branch. Put the bud in a dish or on a tray. Leaves, stems, and branches may be collected in a separate tray or basin for later composting.

4 Cut Back On

The cannabis plants are ready for trimming at this point. Avoid tearing the bud when you trim the stem down to ensure that it only protrudes from the ground at its base. Also, make sure the bud is trimmed to the appropriate size; if no guidelines have been provided, check with a supervisor. When growing cannabis, smaller buds are preferable since they dry faster and are less likely to develop mould than their larger counterparts. Remove any roots or lower branches and give the bud a manicure. Discard any areas that lack trichomes. Although the red pistils don’t produce many trichomes, they can be left in place if told to for aesthetic purposes. Put the bud’s trimmings on a separate tray as a reminder.


Machine based trimming

Today’s technological improvements have simplified the harvesting process for the most part. Some commercial cannabis farmers that supply the middle and lower tiers of the industry have found that mechanical trimming offers significant advantages. If you have a high-quality, industrial cannabis trim machine, you can trim up to 20 pounds each hour. This method saves a tonne of time and effort for cannabis cultivators. Unfortunately, cannabis trimmer machines have the potential to over-trimming, removing too many potentially useful trichomes, and leaving some stems and seeds in the final output. A cannabis trimmer’s skilled fingers just provide better results.


Interview with a Retired Marijuana Cutter

Tell me about your history with cannabis trimming.

My buddy who lived on a traditional farm in Santa Cruz invited me to assist with the farm’s operations. About 30 people camped out on the farm throughout the harvest season (August–November), and that’s when I first learned about the cannabis industry. I was in charge of de-leafing the mother plants, as well as hanging, bucking, and pruning.

Just what exactly does a cannabis trimmer do?

The primary responsibilities of a trimmer are to remove all of the leaves and stems from the branch, and then to trim down each bud so that no leaves protrude from them. In order to get the perfect cut without leaving any stems or leaves on the nug, you need someone with undivided attention. Trimmers must also inspect cannabis flowers for mould and remove any mould they find.

What qualifications are necessary for a job as a cannabis trimmer?

In order to succeed as a trimmer, one needs to possess both the fine motor abilities and the soft qualities, such as patience. Being able to use scissors precisely and efficiently requires fine motor abilities, and perseverance, enthusiasm, and patience are also crucial qualities for a trimmer to have.


As the cannabis harvest approaches, what recommendations would you provide to those responsible for trimming the plant?

It’s crucial to know the basics of the plant and how to trim it properly based on the strain. Pride and enthusiasm for one’s work as a trimmer is also crucial, as this will help one develop the momentum and rhythm necessary for efficient trimming.

Best Trimming Scissors For Bud
Best Trimming Scissors For Bud

What other jobs may someone with expertise trimming cannabis be qualified for?

Career paths for trimmers include processing manager, cultivation technician, quality control manager, integrated pest management specialist, and many more. Openings in the cannabis sector are many for those who exhibit the qualities of a skilled trimmer. Just keep at it and have some patience!

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