Best Facebook Video Downloaders Online for Free

Best Facebook Video Downloaders Online for Free

Best Facebook Video Downloaders Online for Free

Whether you want to download Facebook videos for your marketing needs or like to partake them with your musketeers or family, these downloaders are the stylish way to get the work done.

 1.fbdownloader net

fbdownloader is by far one of the most stoner-friendly and the stylish Facebook videotape downloaders out there online. This free videotape downloader helps druggies download their favorite videos from Facebook in seconds and save them for viewing offline latterly.

Whether it’s Android, iOS, Linux, or Windows, the point works impeccably on all operating systems.

The tool lets you save a videotape in standard- quality or high- quality MP4 format. Interestingly, the website also enables you to convert FB videos to MP3 audio lines.

 How to download Facebook videos using fbdownloader

1 Copy the URL of your Facebook videotape. Right- click on the videotape and elect dupe.

2 Paste Facebook’s videotape link fbdownloader’s input field on the homepage and over and hit the “ Go” button.

3 The videotape downloading process begins, and formerly done, right-click on the train and click “ Save As” to download it.

 Benefits of using fbdownloader

  • Compatible with all bias
  • No limitations on downloads
  • Save in MP4 and MP3 train formats
  • Capability to download live Facebook videos
  • Download indeed private Facebook videos

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Note that any videotape you want to download from this platform will still be on Facebook’s garçon and not the spots. This means that neither save any of your videos (that you want to download) on their waiters, nor do they keep a history of what’s downloaded.

 2.fbdown net

FBDOWN net is another stoner-friendly and free Facebook videotape downloader that helps druggies download FB videos and save them for viewing offline. It generates direct links to the FB videotape.

The tool works with Android and Chrome cybersurfers, but you’ll have to first install the Firefox web cybersurfer app and also open the Facebook app to partake the videotape on your timeline or feed for iPad and iPhone. Eventually, click the Copy Link option. Bury this link on’s input field on the homepage to download the videotape.

 How to download Facebook videos

1 Right Click on the videotape (that you want to download) from your Facebook timeline or feed and click the option “ Copy videotape URL at the current time.”

2 Go and bury the videotape URL. Click‘Download.’

3 Click on either “ Download HD quality videotape” or “ Download normal quality videotape” to begin the downloading process.

 Benefits of

  • It has an extension for Chrome
  • Clear and clean interface
  • Coffer and secure to use
  • Let’s you download live videos from Facebook
  • It lets you download Facebook videos in private mode

Note that the videos will be on Facebook’s waiters and not on their waiters. They do n’t save any of your downloaded videos on their platform or maintain any history of the downloaded videotape lines. This means that is safe and anonymous.


Still, also fastvid wo n’t fail you, If speed is what you ’re after for a while looking for a Facebook videotape downloader.

The tool has a simple yet various interface, which is important and safe. The moment you begin the download process, it hosts it directly on Facebook’s waiters, which means it neither stores your videos nor tracks any history. It’s anonymous.

 How to download Facebook videos using fastvid

1 Copy the videotape link from Facebook.

2 Paste the videotape link into the point’s input box.

3 Click on the Download button.

4 Save the videotape to your device in normal or high resolution.

 Benefits of using fastvid

  • High- speed downloads
  • Fast and clean interface
  • Coffer and secure
  • Hosts on Facebook’s CDN waiters
  • It does n’t track download history

Let’s face it, nothing likes to stay to download videos from Facebook posts, and this issue is commodity that fastvid has dashingly taken care of. All you have to do is copy- bury the videotape URL, and your videotape is each ready to be downloaded and seen offline. While doing so, you get two judgments to pick from, which are standard and high description.


Getfvid is one of the stylish online tools to download Facebook videos and convert them to MP3 (audio) lines or MP4 ( videotape) for free. The downloader works impeccably for tablets, mobile phones, and computers. Once the videotape train is downloaded, you can save it on your camera roll or hard drive to view it offline.

The tool has a friendly, various interface that’s easy to use. The download process begins with just a click of a button, and in twinkles, you have the videotape ready. As simple as that!

 How to download Facebook videos usingGetfvid

1 On Facebook, right-click on the videotape and copy its URL.

2 Go to GetfVid’s homepage and bury the videotape link in the input box and click‘Download.’

3 Formerly done, you ’ll have two options to choose from “ Download High Description videotape” or “ Download normal quality videotape” to begin the downloading process.

Benefits of usingGetfvid

  • It supports SD and HD quality downloads
  • The download process is fast
  • It lets you convert videos into MP3 (audio) files
  • Bright and seductive interface
  • It does n’t store your videos or download history

The website is free to use and does n’t need any enrollment or software. They indeed have a chrome extension to make effects more accessible. Like any other good Facebook videotape downloader, indeed Getfvid neither stores videos nor keeps track of any download histories. But the only debit is that it does n’t let you download private videos.


Getfbstuff’s Facebook videotape downloader lets you download Facebook videos in HD quality and MP4 format directly to your bias (iPhone, Windows, Android, Mac, Linux,etc.)

The interface is clean, point speed is good, and it excerpts the videotape’s MP4 links directly. It’s free to use, without installing any software or fresh plugins. Most importantly, the process takes just two way.

 How to download Facebook videos usingGetfbstuff

Step 1 Copy the videotape link from Facebook and bury it into Getfbstuff’s textbook box on the homepage and click on the “ Download” button.

Step 2 The download process begins, and the tool excerpts MP4 videotape links in both normal and high quality. Choose the bone that you want.

Step 3 Save the videotape to your device.

 Benefits of usingGetfbstuff

  • Compatible with all bias and cybersurfers
  • Hosts on Facebook’s waiters
  • It does n’t store your videos
  • It does n’t keep any track of histories
  • Let’s you download videos in both SD and HD quality

The tool is safe and secure to use. Videos are downloaded from facebook’s CDN directly. This means Getfbstuff does n’t host any appropriated or brand videotape/ content on their garcon


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