Best digital marketing agency in USA

Best digital marketing agency in USA
Best digital marketing agency in USA

Allied Technologies is considered one of the leading digital marketing and web development companies based in Brentwood, Tennessee, USA. We offer services to every other industry, be it a cleaning company, education industry, or even a real estate industry. Our clients are from all around New York, Los Angeles, Texas, San Diego, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Miami, and others.

We serve expertise in Digital Marketing and Content Writing(PPC, Social media marketing, search engine marketing, On-page, and Off-page SEO, eCommerce SEO, SEO Content with Keywords, and more),   App Development(also include game app development and conversion of the website to app), Website Development, and designing(web apps, mobile-friendly website, grocery website development, tourism website, and others) and Virtual receptionist(tele calling and telemarketing services).

We can be your go-to SEO specialist and IT company whenever you need us. Our services are not just limited to what we have mentioned above. It also includes other customized digital marketing services such as YouTube marketing, Shopify SEO, and Email marketing, which allows us to give you a personalized and seamless experience. Your success is our topmost priority.


Based in Tennessee, Allied Technologies comes with 8 huge years of experience in digital marketing, and guess what? Allied is not just a digital marketing agency but it has several other services to provide, which most of the companies or brands are seeking for. Moreover, the main focus of Allied Technologies falls on customer satisfaction, and hence, the claims for 100% satisfaction are stated to be true.

The company was established in 2014 and is in the industry for more than 8 years now. When the company began its first operations, they started with only 5 people in the team and a few freelancers, but now, Allied has 300+ employees with experts in each field.


SEO: Search Engine Optimization demands great exertion while going through digital marketing. Allied Technologies’ SEO services make it stand out and rank among the top digital marketing agencies in the USA. The SEO services that Allied provides are entirely based on keywords. Those who are aware of SEO must know how important keywords are.

With SEO, you can always have data regarding your increased sales and the number of visitors to your website. Allied’s SEO services are subdivided into separate categories, inclusive of:

Technical SEO: an SEO function that deals with the technological aspect of your website. It helps decrease the website loading time and ensures the adaptation of the website on multiple devices.

Content: SEO-driven content is a priority at Allied and, hence, it is known as one of the most rewarded digital marketing agencies in Brentwood, Tennessee. The content that Allied provides for websites or blogs is all filled up with the right amount of keywords that are unique and match Google’s Algorithm.

Back-end Analysis: With back-end analysis, generating growth through different media is attached. Allied Technologies also provides monthly reports to show consistent growth to the clients.

On-Page and Off-Page: On-Page and Off-Page authority building are also significant aspects that include keyword research, high-quality user experience, the latest SERP features, backlinks and link building, and a lot more.

Though allied is a renowned search engine optimization agency in the USA, the services start at $179 only.

  1. Social Media Marketing: Keeping in mind the highly congested presence of the audience on all of the social media platforms, including Meta, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and others, Allied has strategy-driven social media campaigns exceeding a count of 2500.

The social media marketing procedure at Allied Technologies also diverges into several parts. They are:

Customized Strategy: Different businesses require different strategies for growth on social media platforms. Hence, Allied Technologies has customized plans that make every business stand out and increase.

Content Optimization: The content that Allied posts on your social media platforms is well optimized considering your audience’s mindset and keeps them engaged. For instance, if your business is local or based in a particular city, such as Brooklyn, Boston, or Chicago, Allied posts content according to that city and the audience.

Powerful Campaigns: This top-notch digital marketing agency in the USA is known for its influential social media campaigns. Social media campaigns are primarily based on the agendas of brand awareness and improving sales of your product or service.

The graphics, posters, and banners posted on your social media accounts by Allied are always catchy and engaging.

Allied Technologies has a versatile outlook, is known as the best social media marketing agency in Brentwood and the USA, and can promote businesses of almost all types on social media. The starting price is as low as $99.99.

  1. Website Development: Every tech company can develop a website, and even a freelancer can do it. But an SEO-friendly website that helps you generate traffic is not something many companies can help you grow. Allied Technologies’ team of developers works closely with the content writer and digital marketers, who help them create a great, catchy, SEO-friendly website.

We are all aware that a website is your brand’s face, and whatever a customer sees on the website, they will judge the brand according to the same website. At least for Amazon, the website visible in front of our eyes is what the whole Amazon is, at least for a buyer. You can also see an AR effect on Amazon’s website, which is again on trend these days.

Keeping up with the trend, the experienced web developers at Allied have experience creating AR and VR technology websites.

Versatility is also reflected here, and different plans are curated according to the needs of the clients. The websites that Allied creates are mobile-responsive and have other features. Conversion is also possible with Allied, and it means Allied helps you convert your website into an application as well.

As per the plans, the benefits are subdivided and the minimum price for each is $99 only.

  1. App Development: Allied Technologies creates apps that are ready to help your business thrive and reach new heights. Having a mobile application with a great UI/UX is a necessity for any business to survive in the community of businesses. Almost every business that succeeds has an application ready beforehand. Allied Technologies has versatility in this field, and different kinds of applications can be efficiently coded here for the clients.

The firm is known as one of the famous app development agencies because of its diverse platforms to create apps. Award-winning experts are known to be the app developers of Allied’s team, and the separate platforms they work on are:

  1. Xamarin

  2. React Native

  3. # C

  4. Java

  5. Unity

  6. Swift

  7. Ionic

  8. Angular and

  9. Flutter.

If you visit the website, you can witness the never-ending list of types of applications that fall under their field of expertise. A few of them are Architectural App Development, Church App, Contractual App, Electrical App, Shopify App, eCommerce App, and much more.

The app development cost is again affordable and pocket-friendly, at a rate that starts at $999 only. Spending on an application for your company is a healthy investment with the highest ROI.

  1. PPC Management: Allied guarantees its clients results from the first day of PPC Management service. PPC management, in general, helps you beat the queue of organic growth and land on the first page of the search engine. Allied’s PPC experts construct a different and customized marketing strategy as per the brand or client. PPC Ads for Allied Technologies are now available up to:

This traffic generation PPC advertisement form is SEO-friendly and includes keywords. With this kind of advertisement, you can automatically attract the target audience who is meant for your website.

  1. Display Ads: Display Ads’ appearance is wholly based on different targeting parameters, and these are mostly being run on the search engines to increase the conversion rates. Allied Technologies claims that display ads have a wider reach than others, so the conversion rates are higher than usual.

  2. Shopping Ads: You’ve got a product? Allied has got you covered. Nothing is better than Allied’s Shopping Ads when it comes to advertising a product. Advertising on an eCommerce website has never been a cakewalk, and hence, Allied’s service of Shopping Ads is here to provide you with guaranteed shopping results.

  3. Video Ads: Moving pictures or videos is an excellent tool for increasing brand awareness and grabbing the audience’s attention. Video ads at one of the most discussed PPC management companies, i.e., Allied, will help you flourish further.

  4. Mobile Ads and Social Ads: Mobile Ads are custom-designed for the websites that will appear on mobile phones or tablets, as the layout of a website differs on mobile phones. On the other hand, social ads try to attract the target audience that is available on social media.

Allied’s is the best PPC management agency as it’s affordable, and the rate starts at only $179, along with a 100% money-back guarantee.

  1. 6. Content Writing: Content is king, and a team of experts in content writing is what Allied Technologies is known for. This content writing agency in the USA is known chiefly for its SEO content and blogs that increase the reach of your website. Hence, the content writers work together with the marketing team to give the best results.

Hiring a content writer at Allied will provide you with quality content and help you save money. You can also:

  1. Escalate the traffic

  2. Ease and convenience

  3. Increase Sales.

It is the best place to hire a content writer for your website. Good copy on your site gives the proper perspective to your customers about your brand. It will also help you win potential customers and clients and build customer loyalty.

Allied also provides SEO content writing that helps build your brand and helps you reach your customers. Allied’s rates are transparent, and we ensure high-quality writing. They have a team of qualified writers who help you understand the value of high-end content, why it is essential to your website, and how they provide these services. The team comprises native English speakers, and they are the best at their work.

Get your content ready for as little as $99!

  1. Virtual Receptionist: Have you experienced difficulty finding an executive receptionist who’s not only hard-working but also professionally well-spoken at all times, bright and discrete? Are your phone lines overwhelmed with new business, and are you considering installing a switchboard and hiring a professional switchboard operator team? Before you place another classified ad or call your recruiter, consider the possibility of outsourcing a portion or all of your receptionist and operator tasks to Virtual Receptionists.

One of the unique services at Allied, Virtual Receptionist, makes Allied the overall best out there. This service is something that your company, as well as your customers, have been longing for. Virtual receptionist appointment scheduling will now be easier for you. To make a great first impression, use a professional virtual receptionist!

The price that you’ve got to pay for a virtual receptionist is again starting at $99 only.

The services as explained above are just a gist of the actual ones. All you get to know about them is only once you believe their amazing user-friendly website. Their website has every minute details regarding all of the services and multiple blogs.


Allied Technologies is also well known in the tech industry of the USA for their latest and trendsetting blogs based on unique information sourced from industrial experts. With an aim to answer all the tech-related questions, Allied Technologies provide multiple blogs such as

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The blogs on Allied Technologies’ website are beneficial and heuristic. One of the latest blogs is regarding Meta and why has Facebook become Meta. This blog answered this question and suggested different business opportunities through a metaverse. Other unique blogs would help you to learn a lot. Do visit the website if you have more queries.