Bangalore Travel guide | Places & Attractions


Bangalore Travel guide, nicknamed ‘Garden City,’ combined the history of rich culture from the past with modern and high-tech facilities. When you visit Bangalore, the southernmost metropolitan city in India, you will feel both. The ideal climate conditions make a pleasant period of residence, making your trip useful. This city is the dream of a traveler, with everything from an amusement park to a historic structure. Look at some of the best tourist attractions in Bangalore that reflect the history and pride of the city.


5 Bangalore’s top places to visit

Are you looking for the most interesting way to explore in Bangalore? If you plan a vacation to Bangalore with friends, family, or even alone, here are our main suggestions for the biggest place to visit. Be sure to put everything in your vacation schedule.


Sultan’s Summer Palace


Sultan Fort, which is one of the most attractive Bangalore tourist attractions, is located in the busiest market district and perfectly shows the artistic skills that developed in the past. ‘Rack-e-Jannat’ is the summer house of the Sultan, King Mysore. The ruler was especially remembered because of his courage on the battlefield. The palace, which has a strong thirst for art and culture, is a typical example of architecture, with solid columns and themes. Palace, which is an extraordinary example of Indo-Islamic architecture, is a perfect example of Indo-Islam architecture.


Albert Victor Road from Bangalore is the location.

Monday to Sunday, 8.30 am to 5.30 pm

Cost: Indians pay INR 15 while foreigners pay INR 200.


Bangalore Palace


Bangalore Palace, built by Chamaraja Wodeeyar in 1887 and inspired by the British Windsor Castle, is one of the top tourist attractions in Bangalore. The inspiring palace interior has maintained arches, towers, tudor-style architecture, fertile parks, and fine wood carvings. It is still a residence of the royal family at this time. This Tudor-style architectural work does not lack perfection.


Vasanth Nagar is one of the environments in Bengaluru.

Hours to visit: 10 am to 5 pm Sunday to Monday

Foreigners pay INR 460, while Indians pay INR 230.


Nandi Hills


The hill is 60 kilometers from the city, making it the ideal place to be one with nature. Nandi Hills, one of the most prominent perspectives in Bangalore, is one of the most popular places in this city to visit couples.

It was finally named the famous Nandi Temple, which is located on the top of the hill and was fed by the Arkavathi and Palar rivers. Because of its height of 1478 meters above sea level, it has a pleasant climate.

Chikkaballapur is in the Chikkaballapur district.


Botanical Garden


This botanical park is one of the most amazing attractions in Bangalore, if not all of India. Park was designed by Haider Ali and then renovated by the Sultan’s deception. The park has a greenhouse that is modeled after Crystal Palace in London. The park, which is spread over 240 hectares, includes a variety of collections of species of plants, trees, and 1800 herbs.


Mavalli is in the suburbs of Bangalore City.

Monday to Sunday, 6 am to 7 pm

Cost: Indians pay INR 20; Children pay INR 15. This botanical park is one of the most amazing attractions in Bangalore, if not all of India. This park has a greenhouse inspired by Crystal Palace in London. Mavalli is in the suburbs of Bangalore.

Monday to Sunday, 6 am to 7 pm

Cost: Indians pay INR 20; Children pay INR 15.


Taman Lcubbon


Richard Sankey designed and built a park, which included 300 hectares of land. This large green garden, complete with a well maintained grass yard, deserves special notes. Park, which features a statue