backward 3

backward 3

Are you trying to type the “Ɛ” in backwards 3? If so, you’ve come to the correct place.

We’ll walk you through using the backward 3 character—also known as a reverse 3, inverted 3, or flipped 3—on several platforms and OSs, including mobile devices (Android, iPhone), computers, and Macs.

On social media, a variety of symbols are utilized, but the largest issue users have is understanding what they signify and how to type them. Although the majority of symbols are readily available, it’s still important to know how to enter them quickly.

One such icon is the number three reversed. One of the most popular symbols used when texting is the reversed 3-heart symbol. But can you make a backwards 3?

Backwards 3: What is it?

The reverse 3 is a symbol that resembles a reverse “E” or a reverse 3 when written as a number.

An inverted 3, flipped 3, 3 flipped or flipping the 3 are some other names for it.

Epsilon, the Greek letter for it, is its name.

Its main application is on social media platforms, where users use it to denote the “love” symbol in a chat or status.

To complete a heart, the is typically used in conjunction with a “greater than” > sign, as in >.

Of course, one doesn’t have to use a reversed 3 or anything; one can simply use a normal 3 and put a “less than” sign in front of it to create a heart, or 3.

It can be utilized on various social networking platforms. that support this feature.

Overall, it works like a unique love emoji.

Ways to Type Backwards 3 Symbol

One of the most popular backwards 3 symbols is a type with many possibilities. The following list includes the techniques that are most frequently used to make the sideways 3-symbol:

Method 1: 3 Alt Code Backwards

The fundamental procedures must be followed include the following in order to generate the alt code reverse 3 in Microsoft Office:

Open Microsoft Word on your computer to get started.

Now On your keyboard, enter the Alt code “0190” and hit “ALT-X.”
As soon as the key is released, the “Ɛ” sign will appear.
The fundamental procedures to be taken include the following in order to generate the alt code reverse 3 on Google Docs:

Launch Google Docs and choose a blank template.

Then select the “Ɛ” symbol Ɛ by clicking on Insert, Special Characters, and Search Reverse.
OR To access Google Docs special characters, press the shortcut key Alt + I + C.
reversed 3-symbol
NOTICE: The technique cannot be used with WhatsApp or any other social media site.

Method 2: Type the third symbol backwards.

The second way to insert the three symbols backwards is by using the list of Special Characters.

Open Microsoft Word on your computer to get started.
Select More Symbols from the More Symbols drop-down menu under the Symbols section of the Insert Tab.
The symbol for Microsoft Word
NOTICE: The technique cannot be used with WhatsApp or any other social media site.

Method 3: Paste three symbols backwards.

On Android or iPhone, the reverse 3 symbol is not readily accessible in the message or communication. The backwards 3-symbol copy-paste approach is the simplest. Just copy the symbol from this page and paste it as needed.

Method 4: Three hearts arranged backwards

One can create the heart symbol when texting by using the less-than symbol () and symbol 3. This is due to the fact that the heart symbol used most frequently while chatting is “3 or >”. The user can utilise the same to obtain a symbol even though it is directly accessible in the chat symbol list.

Backward 3 in the sciences, including physics, chemistry, and math

Some people could think you’re employing the reverse 3 in physics or math (or maybe chemistry or another science).

The epsilon sign is the mirrored 3 in this situation

In equations, it is frequently used as a variable.

The equation Ɛ or notation determines what epsilon, stands for.

Regression ε and statistics frequently use the regular epsilon, or, as an “error term.” It’s frequently used to refer to a positive, arbitrary tiny number.

In set theory, the symbol, or its variant epsilon, is used to denote “belongs to” or “is in the set of”: x ∈ X.

Similar to how it is used to provide a parameter’s range: x∈[0, 1]

The phrase “x ∉ ∅” signifies that the element x is not a member of the empty set.

How to type Backwards 3 symbol?

On most smartphones, typing Ɛ can be difficult.

We describe how to enter this symbol on various devices and operating systems in this article.

On your PC or mobile device, enter the “Ɛ” sign three times backwards.

Almost all devices, whether Android or iOS, do not support the typing of this sign.

However, we have a simple answer.

You only need to simply copy the “Ɛ” symbol and merge it with “>,” which you can do quickly by going to the “Symbol” area of the keyboard on your mobile device.

Once you’ve combined the two symbols, you can use it as Ɛ >.

Simply copy it from here:


…and utilize it anywhere you see fit.

You can use the same procedure or the Alt Code below to input these symbols on your computer.

Backwards 3 Alt Code

In search of the Backwards 3 Alt code?

Using your keyboard, simply type the following:

Press ALT-X and enter 0190.

This will change it into a “Ɛ” sign or a reversed E.

All you have to do is open a new blank document in MS Word for that.

No matter what platform you are using, typing this symbol is incredibly simple.

Backwards 3 Copy-Paste

Of course, you could always just copy and paste the reversal of the number three from anywhere in this text:

Additional approaches

An additional approach is to launch a Microsoft Word document.

Choose Arial or Times New Roman as your font.
then select the Insert tab located at the document’s top.
then select symbols.
You can type it after finding the equivalent symbol to backward 3 or Ɛ by scrolling up and down.

Mac Backward 3

Because you can’t utilize the 0190 plus ALT+X capability as you can on your PC, this is difficult.

Google Docs offers a remedy, though.

Launch Google Docs.
Select Insert from the document’s top menu.
Select “Special Symbol” from the menu (a new window will pop up)
Find the reversed 3 / epsilon /Ɛ   symbol in the list of symbols that are accessible. Look carefully because there are numerous symbols to select from. You should be able to type and use it on your screen once you’ve found it.

On Android, how do you enter the backwards 3?

Since Android doesn’t offer the mirrored 3 characters in its symbol selections, there is no unique way.

Therefore, you must copy-paste it:


How to enter 3 in reverse on an iPhone

For the iPhone, the same is true.

The reverse 3 sign is not available in Apple’s symbol selections.

Therefore, you must copy and paste:


What does a 3 that has a line across it in reverse mean?

The ampersand (&) is frequently written as a huge lowercase epsilon Ɛ or a reversed number 3 with a vertical line superimposed in ordinary handwriting.
It is a typical shorthand for the word “and” (e.g., Tom & Jerry).


How to text three in reverse on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any other network is a frequently asked question. To set your text apart from others in a word document, you can also utilize the alt code reverse 3. The reverse 3-symbol copy-paste method works best for social media platforms.

With these techniques, you may rapidly use the backwards 3 sign without having to go through the trouble of searching the list. Save time and have fun by creating a reverse 3 using these simple, tech-savvy tips.