Asthma Yoga Poses To Help You Control Asthma

Asthma Yoga Poses To Help You Control Asthma

Are you finding it difficult to breathe deeply after having completed a physically demanding task? It’s normal to be able to take a breather when you have completed a task that is demanding. Include some yoga in your routine to eliminate this problem. The practice of yoga as a spiritual discipline offers a variety of benefits , such as reducing stress, and reducing your heart rate as well as blood pressure among others. Your doctor might suggest that you add supplements to yoga and your daily diet, such as Iverheal 12 and Iverheal 6.

One of the major benefits of regular yoga practice is that it helps to enhance your breathing. This is the most vital aspect of yoga. There are many yoga methods that can help you manage your breathing and utilize your lungs to the fullest extent. This is among the reasons that incorporating yoga to treat asthma within your routine is an excellent idea.

Let’s first know some more details about the symptoms of asthma, and how yoga aid in preventing from it.

Asthma & Yoga – In Brief

Asthma can be described as an inflammatory disorder that can cause breathing difficulties as well as coughing and tension in your chest. It’s often caused by genetic or environmental causes, and is an ongoing medical condition that can cause the airways swelling in your lung.

But, it also gives your body with a high level of physical exercise. The greatest benefit of yoga to treat asthma is that it’s performed at a slower rate and strengthens your lungs and keeps them healthy. If you suffer from asthma, doing yoga poses and moderate stretching will improve the overall health and function of the respiratory system and encourages greater relaxation.h

In that regard, let us explore the yoga postures you can perform to prevent asthma.

Yoga Poses To Stay Safe Of Asthma

As asthma can affect the health and function of the lungs it is essential to practice yoga postures which improve your breathing as well as lung capacity.

1. Sukhasana

The name says it all the yoga asana is focused on your breathing and enhances the overall function of your lungs. The yoga posture for asthma will also assist in reducing stress and can be very beneficial for meditation. The ideal time to practice this yoga posture is in the morning.

Sukhasana Steps

  • Begin by laying down in a cross-legged posture on your yoga mat. You can also apply towels to provide additional assistance.
  • Place your hands to you in a position of prayer.
  • Place your left hand over your belly, and the right hand on your heart.
  • Shut your eyes, and breathe deeply.

2. Upavishtha Konasana

This Seated Wide Angle yoga asana lets your chest open and provides the upper body a nice stretch. It also helps improve the ability to breathe. The best time to perform this yoga posture is when you are on an empty stomach early in the morning at the very least about 4 to 6 hours following the last meal.

Steps To Upavishtha Konasana

  • Put your feet on the ground and ensure your spine is straight. You could also lean on the wall as a assistance.
  • Be sure that your shoulders and back are in contact with the wall.
  • Keep your hands at your side. Make sure your palms are down on the ground.
  • Your upper body should be pushed in an upward direction, pressing your palms down.
  • Widen your legs as much as you can.
  • Use both of hands to move the legs.
  • Place your hands up in front of you and breathe deeply.
  • Do this for five minutes. Return to the beginning position.

3. Baddhakonasana

The Butterfly Pose, or Baddhakonasana is a wonderful yoga asthma that will stretch the entire body, giving some relief from the symptoms of asthma.

Steps To Practice Baddhakonasana

  • Relax and place your feet’s soles to each other.
  • Put your feet on your toes using both of your hands.
  • Your legs should be flapping like butterflies’ wings.
  • Maintain your body with a slight bend toward the front.
  • Repeat this five times for five breaths deep.
  • Return to your original position.

4. Dandasana

Dandasana is a powerful yoga pose that is beneficial to improving your position and giving the chest muscles a great stretch. It is not just good for strengthening your legs and back as well, but also serves as an effective yoga posture to help treat asthma.

Steps to Practice Dandasana

  • Relax on your yoga mat and keep your legs straight and straight in the front of you.
  • Make sure your hands are by the side of your body.
  • Make sure your legs are joined by joining the inner sides of your legs and feet to each other.
  • Check that your spine is straight and straight.
  • Take a deep breath. Keep this posture for a minute.


Are you looking to get control of your breathing? Include these asthma yoga poses to help you get rid of breathing problems.