9 Facebook Marketing Course That Will Strengthen Your CV
9 Facebook Marketing Course That Will Strengthen Your CV

9 Facebook Marketing Course That Will Strengthen Your CV

Digital media, marketing, and IT workers can obtain a variety of Facebook marketing course to prove their proficiency with the platform’s online marketing features. Exams that measure your proficiency using particular programmes and carrying out particular functions on the platform are required for these social media marketing credentials. The whole list of Facebook certifications you may obtain to strengthen your marketing and advertising resume is reviewed in this post.

What are certifications for the Facebook Blueprint?

Facebook Blueprint is a free online training programme with more than 90 courses for associate and professional learning that focuses on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger advertising.

With an emphasis on subjects including audience targeting, content strategy and implementation, result analysis, and the platform’s rules and regulations for ethical advertising activities, Facebook Blueprint certificates demonstrate your mastery of Facebook advertising. These accreditations assess a digital advertiser’s ability to use all of Facebook’s features, including Instagram and Messenger.

You must pass the exam that assesses your knowledge of Facebook’s various applications and your ability to carry out particular advertising tasks related to that certification’s topic in order to receive a certification. By taking the Facebook marketing Course online that cover the many advertising functions and passing practise exams, you can become ready for certification exams.

You can publish your digital badge you receive for passing a test on Facebook, your professional networking page, your website, and your online portfolio. The title of the certification may also be mentioned on your resume or cover letter.

You must register for a proctored online exam through Facebook’s business website in order to take the test and receive your Facebook Blueprint certification and badge. The exam and certification fees that you must pay depend on the certification. Exams cost $150 for credentials at the professional level and up to $99 for associate qualifications.

Include these nine Facebook certificates on your CV.

The difficulty of Facebook certification exams ranges from beginner marketers to seasoned pros. You can add the following certificates from Facebook to your resume:

#1 Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate, Levels 100–101

Entry-level marketers, including job seekers and students, should take this 90-minute exam. Facebook and  Instagram marketing courses are covered in this associate-level test that covers key advertising principles.

Exam subjects comprise:

  • Value of establishing a presence on Facebook
  • Basics of advertising
  • management and production of ads
  • Campaign stats and analysis

#2 Facebook Certified Marketing Science Professional, Exam No. 200-101

This 105-minute test is intended for candidates with at least three years of experience using measuring methodologies, doing research, understanding statistics, and manipulating data. Making informed marketing suggestions utilising data, insights, and measurement is the main focus of the professional-level exam.

Exam subjects comprise:

  • Assessment
  • development of a hypothesis
  • Solutions for recommended measurements
  • Analysis effectiveness Insights creation
  • Information-driven suggestions

#3 Facebook Certified Creative Strategy Professional, Exam Number 300-101

For strategy professionals with prior experience creating innovative brand advertising strategies on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, this 90-minute exam is designed. It honours those with superior proficiency in the strategic abilities required to motivate, enhance, and propel higher results.

Exam subjects comprise:

  • Mobile foundations
  • research and perceptions
  • Measurement and evaluation of brief development

#4 Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional, Exam 400-101

Digital planners, media planners, programmatic planners, marketing consultants, and hybrid jobs are the target audience for this 105-minute exam. It assesses proficiency in developing a comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy that supports a comprehensive marketing plan and corresponds with business objectives.

Exam subjects comprise:

  • needs evaluation
  • insights and lessons
  • media endorsement
  • tracking of campaign performance
  • media planning

#5 Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional, Exam 410-101

Digital media buyers, account salespeople, account managers, and executives, marketing executives, social media managers, brand marketers, and marketing consultants are the target audience for this 90-minute exam. It honours experts who possess a high level of proficiency in the abilities, instruments, advertising regulations, and best practises necessary to purchase advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

Exam subjects comprise:

  • campaign preparation
  • Setup \sOptimization
  • reporting and measurement

#6 Facebook Certified Marketing Developer (500-101

Software developers, front-end engineers, website developers, information technology (IT) consultants, technology integrators, and technical account and partner managers should take this two-part, two-hour exam. The exam gauges technical marketing solution implementation proficiency. The coding assessment lasts around an hour, while the multiple-choice exam lasts 90 minutes. The Advanced Marketing Developer and Advertising API Developer certifications require this certification as a prerequisite.

Exam subjects comprise:

  • Build \sTroubleshoot

#7 Facebook Certified Advanced Marketing Developer, Exam 510-101

Software developers, mobile web developers, full stack engineers, and website developers are the target audience for the two and a half-hour exam. It assesses technical proficiency in the application of cutting-edge marketing solutions. The two-part exam consists of a 90-minute multiple-choice examination and an approximately two-hour coding assessment. For this certification, you must have the Facebook Certified Marketing Developer (500-101) credential.

Exam subjects comprise:

  • SDK and app events for iOS and Android
  • In-app conversions
  • Dynamic vertical adverts

#8 520-101: Developer of the Facebook Advertising API

Software developers, full stack engineers, back-end engineers, and solution architects are the target audience for this two and a half-hour exam. It assesses proficiency in marketing application programming interface (API) integration configuration and troubleshooting. The two-part exam consists of a 90-minute multiple-choice examination and an approximately two-hour coding assessment. For this certification, you must have the Facebook Certified Marketing Developer (500-101) credential.

Exam subjects comprise:

  • infrastructure in place
  • Coding Troubleshooting


#9 Facebook Certified Community Manager 600-101

Community managers, brand managers, and social media managers with the expertise to lead, grow, and connect online communities are the target audience for this 105-minute exam. The exam rewards candidates who can develop, grow, and maintain an online community using community-building techniques and resources.

Exam subjects comprise:

  • Create and maintain a community
  • Create community-based tactics and procedures.
  • Make wise choices about your content
  • Engage and control the neighbourhood
  • Evaluation of community success

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