Destination Wedding in Dubai

7 Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding in Dubai

Beyond the concrete jungle of glass and chrome, Dubai is a land of endless natural wonders. From the dazzling floral display of Miracle Garden to the glistening sands of sun-dappled beaches of The Island, this crown jewel of the United Arab Emirates offers much more than just an exhilarating shopping experience.

For couples looking to get hitched, Dubai offers the perfect amalgamation of a beach destination, a desert adventure and a big city trip – all rolled into one. Destination weddings in Dubai need not be a hackneyed experience restricted to the banquet halls and lawns of hotels.

There are plenty of uncommon, out-of-the-ordinary wedding venues in Dubai that can be the perfect settings for reiterating your wedding vows. Stunning locales are matched in equal measure with riveting experiences that offer plenty of reasons for couples to choose Dubai as their port of call when it comes to solemnizing their nuptials.

Here are the 7 Reasons to have a Destination Wedding in Dubai:

Stunning locales:

Dubai is blessed with gorgeous natural locales that offer the perfect venue for conducting wedding rituals. Kick-off your pre-wedding festivities with a Sangeet ceremony at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa. Built in the style of a traditional Arabic fort, this resort can easily accommodate hundreds of guests and offers an environment of pure elegance along with inimitable middle-eastern refinement.

For the main wedding event, there is Al Sahra Desert Resort, where 37 million square feet of dunes offer the perfect venue for your wedding day. For a glamorous bachelor party, head over to Pacha Club at Madinat Jumeirah – one of the biggest night clubs in the city.

Traditional Arabic hospitality:

Gorgeous locations are matched with the famed Arabic hospitality. Arabs are known to be masters of the art of welcoming. From a welcome drink of coffee and dates to a lavish and delicious buffet spread of decadent meat dishes, Arabs love to show their warmth and love through food, which forms an integral part of their hospitality.

Multicultural heritage

Dubai is a true ethnographic melting pot. People of different cultures live harmoniously in this deeply multicultural destination with a rich history. Your wedding gives you the perfect opportunity to experience the fascinating diversity and heritage of this middle-eastern seaport.

From stunning local architecture to local customs and traditions – immerse yourself in this multi-ethnic cauldron for a truly rewarding experience.

Shopper’s Paradise:

Weddings call for splurging, and Dubai is known for being a paradise of shopaholics. While the glittering malls display an array of the latest bridal couture, luxury items, perfume and electronics, it is in the souks and back lanes of the city’s old quarters that true shopping experience comes alive.

From the heady aroma of spices to intricately woven carpets to shimmering gold jewelry – Dubai offers the quintessential experience of being transported to the timeless world of the Silk Route.

Recreation options:

Hectic preparations and a whirlwind wedding later, couples seek a few days of relaxation to rejuvenate the spirits. Dubai’s famed spas offer everything your heart desires – from carbon peels to red carpet facials.

Round up your day off with a relaxing massage at Armani Spa, where you can relax your tired muscles amidst a serene atmosphere that oozes sophistication and understated refinement.

Adventure sports:

So what if you are not a Bedouin? Dubai offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live like one. From falconry to camel riding and dirt-biking in the dunes, Dubai beckons the adventurer and explorer in each one of us. Take time off from your wedding rituals and partake in the adventure sports of Dubai’s Emirati ancestors.

A cosmopolitan city:

Dubai is perhaps the perfect example where western modernity blends seamlessly with eastern heritage. The city of Dubai offers a fascinating array of towering skyscrapers, glamorous shopping malls, entertaining amusement parks and Michelin-starred restaurants that offers a never-ending array of modern cosmopolitan experiences.

Dubai is opening its doors to events

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, Government of Dubai has come up with comprehensive guidelines for the events industry. This includes health and safety guidelines and standards for accommodation and transport, various other protocols, mandatory temperature checks, usage of masks and social distancing norms.

Dubai is being opened up to various types of events in a phased manner. Local MICE and leisure events have been allowed since 15 September 2020. International MICE Events were also allowed from 1 Oct 2020. The authorities are monitoring the situation closely and weddings and social private parties will also be allowed in the near future.


Dubai is a veritable sensorium of diverse experiences, breath-taking locales and picturesque sights. Despite being over-explored and oft-visited. This city will never cease to fascinate you. Weddings in Dubai offer you a unique opportunity to live and breathe this city of ceaseless wonders.

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