6 Reasons New Zealand Is So Famous Among Foreign Students


NZ is a tiny island nation that is present in the Pacific Ocean. The island nation is famous worldwide for its diverse culture and academic standards. But what are the key reasons why every year hundreds of students go to NZ for studying at Kiwi academic institutions? So, to answer this question, today we are sharing with you 6 reasons why New Zealand is so famous among foreign students.

6 Reasons New Zealand Is So Famous Among Foreign Students

A Favorable Atmosphere

New Zealand offers a friendly/favorable atmosphere to students. Moreover, you will also see only a few pupils in the classroom of Kiwi colleges. The main objective behind this is to ensure that the professors can give personalized attention to students. Besides this, the Kiwi universities also provide incredible student support to international students.  For example, if you are facing difficulty with your assignment then you can talk to your professor directly for help. Furthermore, if you face any difficulty in New Zealand then you can take the help of the student support officer of your university. To learn about the atmosphere/environment of the country in more detail feel free to contact our New Zealand education consultants in India.

Reasonable Cost of Living

The cost of living in the country is quite reasonable in comparison to countries like the US and Germany. On average, you will need around $25,000 PA to cover all your expenses like phone bills, transportation, etc. in NZ. Moreover, ample financial support programs are also available in the country for supporting deserving foreign students with remarkable academic performance. Thus, if you wish to study at an affordable study destination then you must go to New Zealand.

Cultural Diversity

You can see cultural diversity in every corner of New Zealand. While studying here you will get a chance to get exposure to cultural diversity in terms of people, food, traditions, etc.  Moreover, Kiwi universities also organize a special event known as School Fest to help students become familiar with culture and arts from across the globe. Besides this, Kiwi colleges also organize various sports and cultural events to help international students learn about the Kiwi culture. In short, going for education in New Zealand can be a very prudent/great decision on your part.

Freedom of Questioning

Unlike in other popular study destinations, international students in New Zealand get lots of independence/rights. For example, students get the freedom to question and confront professors at Kiwi universities. Moreover, students at all levels have the freedom to speak and defend themselves in discussions. In short, you will get lots of freedom and rights while pursuing your studies in New Zealand. So, do go to New Zealand if you are searching for a study destination that protects the rights/interests of students.

Work While Studying

Student life in NZ is full of fun and many lucrative learning opportunities. Moreover, you can even work while studying here. As per the law full-time, foreign students have the right to work while studying for around 20 hours a week. Furthermore, during the holidays they get the freedom to work full-time in New Zealand. But to work in the county a student must obtain/get a valid student visa. You can apply for a work visa during the admission process or later when you arrive in the island nation.

Post-Graduation Work Visa

To encourage foreign students to stay in New Zealand after completing their studies the country offers them a temporary work visa. This visa empowers students who don’t have any job offers in their hands to stay in the country for 12 months. Additionally, during this period foreign students can also look for employment opportunities in their field/domain of interest. However, if you get a work opportunity after your graduation then you will have to apply for a graduate work experience visa. This visa empowers students to stay in the country for 2 years to acquire relevant work experience. Amazing, right? To learn how to apply for a graduate work experience visa feel free to contact our study in New Zealand consultants in Delhi.


NZ is a great island nation and offers incredible academic education to foreign students at a reasonable price. So, if you are searching for quality academic education at a cheap price then you must travel to NZ for finishing your education.