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5 Ways to Engage the Music NFT Community

In the last decade, the rise of social media has given creators the power to spread their music to a global audience. Blockchain-based, non-fungible tokens have made this possible by connecting fans worldwide. But how do you make your Music NFT community stand out? How do you attract new members? This article outlines five ways to engage the Music NFT community. After reading this article, you’ll be well-equipped to engage with your new community.

Social media presence of Music NFT community

The music NFT community is a small but active fraction of the larger ecosystem of music creators, with many platforms offering extensive FAQ sections and community support channels. In addition, many platforms also run a complimentary Discord server, where users can engage with one another and ask questions. This is especially important because many users refer to themselves as “Zoratopians” because of the community-led Latasha rooms.

Mint Songs’ growth team works one-on-one with interested artists to provide hands-on training on the crypto and NFTs. Artists can also take advantage of their existing fanbases to bootstrap the growth of their platform. The strategy of working with curated artists to promote their work is complementary to user onboarding, and can serve as a catalyst for further growth. The following are some social media accounts of music NFT platforms.

Popular K-pop boy band BTS is one example of the success of the NFT market. For over $11.7 million, a single BTS NFT sells to fans. This demonstrates how far NFTs can be used as a means to promote the careers of artists. Artists have begun to consider turning paparazzi photos into NFTs in exchange for royalties. The NFT community may eventually help level the playing field for all music artists.

Active Discord server

If you want your music NFT community to be active, you’ll need an Active Discord server. Once you have your server set up and your branding in place, you’ll need to focus on growing your community. It’s important to provide the community with reasons to stick around, so make sure to hold feedback sessions. This will give the community a chance to have a direct say in the project, as well as form intimate connections with your team.

If you’re looking for a friendly, helpful community to join, look no further than the Friends with Benefits NFT Discord community. This crypto-backed, decentralized group has an active Discord server where members can discuss any topic they’re interested in. Whether it’s cryptocurrency, music, or simple games, there’s a topic to fit your interests. And with an active community manager to help you navigate the Discord community, you can learn more about music NFT and the technology behind it.

Another active Discord server is called “Outsize,” dedicated to art. The server is pink and home to the Outsize record label. Members of this server are experienced musicians and visual artists who use FL Studio, Ableton, LMMS, Blender, and Adobe After Effects. If you’re an artist looking to promote your music on Discord, this is a great resource to help get your music heard.

Onboarding strategy of Music NFT community

In the music creation ecosystem, a strong onboarding strategy is important for artists. Artists are integral to the success of the Music NFT community. In addition to creating a positive user experience, music NFT platforms also offer valuable resources to help artists succeed. Here are some of these resources:

Translate FAQ sections and explainers. Translations of FAQ sections can help the NFT community expand its community by increasing the diversity of fans, collectors, and artists. This is particularly important for resource-strapped platforms. The music NFT community should be aware of the growing importance of diversity. Investing in research and development will help music communities navigate the rapidly evolving music NFT ecosystem. Ultimately, these two components work hand in hand.

Use trailing metrics to track the life cycle of the user. Using trailing metrics will enable you to identify changes in the user base over time and make changes accordingly. For example, OneOf used data to better understand its target audience and targeted its onboarding strategy to meet that profile. In addition, OneOf found that visual art was driving sales more than the musical artist aspect. This has become OneOf’s primary revenue driver.