5 Things to Consider When Buying an Engagement Ring

When we are out in a store, rows of rings studded with diamonds and stones quickly grab our attention. At the same time they create a confusion in our choice. All we could think about is buying the most unique or heavily studded ring for our special day. But this is not how we should end our engagement ring shopping spree. There are several factors that we need to consider before we make our mind to one ring. Factors like designs, budget, material, extra cost, insurance, and many more can influence the decision to a great extent.

Sometimes it is not necessary to spend a hefty amount on a single ring when you can buy your dream ring at half-a-price. Below we have listed 5 important points that you need to take care of while you are buying an Engagement Ring for a Woman.

  1. Budget

Well, it is difficult to ignore this factor. Budget is like the baseline of any heavy shopping. The budget can vary depending on the type of jewellery you purchase and the metal and stone you choose.  Thus, it is important to fix a budget before you opt for any particular metal or stone. If you are clear about your budget, you will be able to find the perfect ring worth the price.

  1. Ring Size 

How can you buy an engagement ring when you don’t know your partner’s ring size. If you have selected a complicated design and are unaware of the ring size, it can create a bunch of problems later on. This is because these kinds of rings are not re-sizeable. Knowing your partner’s ring size can save you from this problem.

  1. Preferences

This is a significant thing to be considered while buying the ring. You must know about the likes and dislikes of your partner whether she is interested in something glossy or prefers simple yet sophisticated designs. Take some notes from what she wears daily and decide accordingly.

  1. Decide on the Shape of the Stone

Every stone has a unique shape that adds to the beauty of the rings. However, these shapes can often be an issue while purchasing a ring. Considering that you are buying an engagement ring for your lady love, it is always safe to choose a circular diamond. This is because a ring with a circular solitaire can never go out of trend. However, you should also keep in mind the shape preference of your fiancé.

  1. Focus on the Lifestyles She Lives

Well, this may not seem a big deal but it is. You need to see what kind of lifestyle she is leading. Whether she has a more on-field job, or a 9-5 desk job and even if she will be a home-maker, you need to select the material and design according to that.

If she has an on-field job and it involves lots of travelling, then it will be better to avoid a big and heavy ring. A diamond or platinum wedding band will be more comfortable for her to wear in this busy life. The engagement ring’s design can also be custom-made if she wants something in between a heavy and simple-looking ring.

Final words

We discussed some of the essential considerations that you should make while purchasing an engagement ring for your partner. An engagement ring is a promise made by a couple to support and stand by their side at all times and in all situations.