5 Places where you should avoid wearing expensive jewellery

5 Places where you should avoid wearing expensive jewellery

Jewellery is something that most people invest their money in. And it’s not just the money but the emotions too. When you buy expensive jewellery like diamond to propose your partner or to commemorate an important milestone in your life like a wedding anniversary, you feel like wearing that piece of jewellery all the time because of the importance it holds. But wearing expensive jewellery at all times especially while going to certain places can be detrimental not just to the ornament as such but to you as well considering the cost involved. There are certain places where you should definitely not wear expensive jewellery in order to preserve it for longer. Listed below are some of them.

1 – Kitchen

Washing dishes in the kitchen sink with your diamond ring on your finger is a complete no. The dish soaps contain harsh chemicals that may dull the finish of the diamonds and affects the ring metal in a negative way. It is best to do the dishes without any jewellery on your finger and put it on after you have finished the chore.

2 – Swimming Pool

You should not wear jewellery if you are going to spend time in the swimming pool. The huge amount of chlorine in the pool water can react with the jewellery causing it tarnish and become discolored. During summers the cool pool water can cause your finger to shrink which will lead to your rings coming off easily and getting lost in the pool. You can out on your jewellery after you’ve finished swimming and bathing thereafter.

3 – Gym

If you’re someone who enjoys working out at the gym, then taking off your lab grown diamond ring is imperative while you work out. Not just rings but wearing kind of expensive jewellery at the gym is not recommended. Playing tennis, badminton, using gym equipment or lifting weights can cause scratches on the metal surface of your ring. Additionally it can damage the stones on the ring causing them to break or become loose.


5 Places where you should avoid wearing expensive jewellery

4 – Beach

It is always better to avoid wearing expensive jewellery when you are ta the beach because the coarse beach sand can scratch the jewellery surface and settle in the nooks and crannies making it difficult to clean. There is also a high probability of jewellery slipping off your fingers and neck and getting lost in the large expanse of water and sand.

5 – Salon

Avoid wearing jewellery if you’re going to the salon for a make-up session or if you’re doing hairdressing and make up at home. The loose dust particles from several make up products like powder, foundation and color palettes can settle within the intricate artwork of your jewellery making it difficult to clean and also hampering the shine of your jewellery stones especially diamonds. The make-up cleansers and the hair sprays have harsh chemicals in their formula which may react with the jewellery metal and discolor them. So, whether it is your engagement rings hatton garden or a gold chain, remember to take them off before your apply make-up and wear them again once you are done.

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