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5 Most innovative designer Birthday Cakes

A birthday is the one year completion anniversary (from the time of birth) of a God, a person, or an institution. Which is celebrated by people in numerous ways in numerous cultures. Birthday gifts, cards, parties, are some of the common ways of celebrating one’s own birthday or someone else’s birthday.

But Birthday’s were not always celebrated the way it is being celebrated now
Actually The term birthday had much more revolution than what could be just thought of

As earlier, because of the non-existence of calendars, people didn’t take note of the birth days of peoples thus, it won’t be wrong to say that for a very long period of time people used to be as usual as the other common days in their Birthday as well.

People actually started taking birthdays as unique and special days only after they started taking notes of the moon, their rotation around the earth and earth’s rotation around the sun.

But all this was not as simple as it is seeming now as many other pagan cultures, after considering birth days, thought that the day welcomed negative and evil spirits.
And people used to think that the only way to get over such evils is to stand surrounded by family, friends and loved ones.

Singing birthday songs and giving gifts was another gesture of scaring evils and seeking God’s blessing. Cutting the cake was one of those gestures.

The German bakeries during the 15th century introduced cakes for birthday celebrations in the market. These cakes were made in a flat circular shape with common ingredients like flour and honey.

Taking about the present days the celebration of birthdays is joyful, full of love and affection. And also it would not be wrong to say that the designer cakes add feathers in the cap.

The trend of designer cakes is now not just a fashion but also the demand and especially after the emergence of social media and the trend of people posting their beautiful birthday pictures online.

With so much to post on in the social media there are a lot of confusion in the people’s with with regard to which designer cake is best So to lease down some of your tension here are the 5 most innovative designer birthday cakes Flamingo Cake

There’s a deep meaning inside one of the most innovative cake flamingos. Flamingo as a bird symbolizes beauty and grace. The animal is getting known for its unique color. It looks more appealing then all because of its long legs and lush pink feathers. The cake has become the design icon of the moment. As there is a solid looking statue of the flamingo bird on top of the cake layer. Because of which it not just looks appealing but attractive. And it is also the most innovative designer cake of all time.

Chocolate Flower Cake

Chocolate is one of the most mouth watering flavours with the combination of flowers no doubt would be a great pick for a birthday party. A fun and easy way to decorate any cake. Different types of chocolate flower cakes are available out there in the market. So If you are a one among the millions of chocolate lovers, you should definitely include designer birthday cakes in your birthday wish list.

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

One of the most famous fictional cartoon characters, Kitty white, is a girl that is depicted with a red/pink bow and no mouth.

The face looks cute, innocent and young. The character which is being loved and adored by almost all the little girls. So If you are looking forward to surprising your younger little one you should definitely go for cute hello kitty cake as it is sweet and charming.

Watermelon Cake

It is one of the most interesting cakes of the generation, which you can ever include in a birthday celebration. Treating your guests with a delicious watermelon cake would add a good credit to your hostility care. As watermelon cake is of watermelon shape and colour that is green coating red inner space with a chunk of black dots in it.

Pirate Skull Cake

It is the fanciest and unique cake of all time! A pirate skull cake is one of the most legitimate ways to wow your guests. Though Skull cakes are generally used in Halloween parties, but, a woofy chocolate skull cake can be an elegant pick for a fantastic birthday party. Imagining how cool it would look when the birthday person will do the cake cutting is something completely uncertain. And not to forget the melting chocolate coming from inside the cake will leave the guests awestruck.