5 Ideas to Increase Lead Generation for New Businesses

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

So many businesses fail within two years after establishment. For businesses to stay afloat, they need to generate leads and keep acquiring new customers. Lead generation involves marketing in a way that piques the interest of potential customers and makes them take action. When generating leads, you need to make it easy for prospective customers to make a connection with your business. Here are five ways how to generate leads.

Enhance Your Digital Presence

A business’ presence on social media determines how easy it is for customers to find them and engage with their content. You can create your digital footprint by creating social media accounts and staying active on these sites, creating content, engaging with focus groups in your business niche, commenting on forums, and so much more. The more active you are on social media, the easier it is for prospective customers to contact you. You can increase your credibility through connections with thought leaders in your industry and through quality content.

Create High-Quality Content

Human-focused and value-based content will get you leads. You need to upload your content in different mediums and hope to engage the customers. There are different types of content that you can create, including eBooks, courses, trials, demos, contests, cheat sheets, email series, checklists, email content, guides, events, whitepapers, webinars, podcasts, slide share presentations, kits, templates, and original research.


Your content should offer value to readers and make them engage more with your business. When they have an interest in your business, they will send a message on your social media sites, send an email, call you or initiate any other form of contact with your business.

Use Paid Ads

Before your business establishes authority on social media and other platforms, it can be challenging to generate leads. You can use paid ads, but it will work after you create content or develop products that customers will love. Paid ads can be in any form, including retargeting ads, display ads, social media ads, and search ads.


Your ads need to have some promo or an offer that will attract customers to your business and keep them. They should also direct customers to a landing page where you can collect their details where you can contact them in the future. Although ads are supposed to be simple, the way you position the ads, time settings, and other factors will impact who sees the ad. If you are using lead generation services from professionals, they will guide you. If you decide to manage your ads, do research to find the best types of ads between pay per click or pay per view.

Build a Community

You can create an online community that will help you generate high-potential leads. Research shows that customers will spend at least 19% more when they are part of a community. Businesses can create a branded community on social media or through an online forum. The aim of a community is to bring together a group of people who have interests in your business. When you have such a community, you will find it easier to engage people who love your business.


The community does not have to comprise only people who use your products or services. Include people who trust your business and those who see you as an authority. When you create offers and freebies and post them on the community, someone in the community will see them and share them with friends and family. This way, new people will see your business and make contact.

Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Search engines are among the best places to generate leads. When your business ranks well on search engines, you are able to get more new customers joining in. You can use tools, such as keyword planners and keyword research tools available on Google to discover keywords that will rank your business high. You can include the keywords in header tags, title tags, image alt tags, URLs, and meta descriptions.


Further, you need to optimize the content to make it scannable, include keywords, and offer value to customers. Other SEO strategies, such as listing your business in Google My Business will also help you improve rankings. Optimize the website for fast load times, ease of navigation, and for mobile devices.


Whichever method you choose to generate leads, you need to keep the customers engaged.