10 Tips on Taking Care of Your Harley-Davidson

10 Tips on Taking Care of Your Harley-Davidson

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Motorcycles evoke strong feelings in every Harley-Davidson lover. If you love your Harley, you should know that appropriate upkeep is essential to riding it for several more years to come, operating as smooth and bright as the day you bought it.

Cleaning, storing, and upkeep must be done on a regular basis to keep your Harley-Davidson in fine condition. Appropriate care can help extend the life of your bike and keep its worth. Let us take a look at a quick checklist that you should go through every time you decide to take your Harley for a spin.

A Quick Bike Maintenance Checklist

Are All Connectors On The Battery Tight?

Is the voltage in the 12.2 to the 12.5-volt range? You should have had the batteries at a continuous charge. Then everything is simple! Examine the electrical system: Are all of the indicators and the horns operational? What does the cockpit’s warning light say?


How deep is your rubber’s groove (at least 1.6 mm), and how deteriorated are the layers? Is the tire pressure at the standard level? What is the age of the tires? Examine the DOT number imprinted on the tires.

Check the Fluid Levels

This includes the oil, hydraulic fluids, and coolant. Please follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and double the frequency of changing the oil and oil filters.

Is The Chassis In Good Condition?

Look for an oil film on the fork? Do you see any rust? People on occasion apply polish to hide the rust. The presence of an oil film implies that the oil seals are in no working condition. These must be changed as soon as possible. If the engine is heating up more than usual, then realize that it is time to replace the seals.


Check the worn-out signs in the gap between the disc and the brake pad with a torch. It is best not to try anything new here. Change the padding and discs if in doubt!

Let us now run down a thorough routine that you should go through every now and then. Whenever you suit up to take your Harley on a ride, make sure you do go over these steps to ensure a pleasurable experience. Some of the next steps, however, do not have to be repeated.

1. Change the Oil

You want your Harley’s engine to run smoothly. However, sometimes you can forget important chores like having to replace your engine oil, which can damage your Harley. As a result, you must change the oil on a regular basis. Begin by warming the bike before changing the oil.

Switch off the engine and unscrew the drainage and oil fill valves, allowing the oil to run into a drain pan. Put in a new oil filter and replace the oil according to Harley’s instructions. Reinstall the oil-filling cap if necessary.

2. Keeping the Air Filter Clean

The air filter plays an essential part in the performance of your Harley. Since it keeps dirt and debris out of the engine. It becomes dusty and clogged with time, if ignored, resulting in the engine choking and not being able to provide its potential output. As a result, you must change filters on a frequent basis. Remove the old air filter from the intake plenum and install a new one.

3. Maintain Tire Pressure and Tread

Maintaining tread and tire pressure are crucial for a smooth ride. However, some people are unsure how to check it. To check the tire pressure, place the air pressure meter on the valve stem. Inspect the indicator to analyze the tread’s condition. If the wheel is at the equivalent basis of rubber that contacts the road, you must change the tire.

4. Replace the Coolant

In order to keep your Harley running for a long period, your radiator must be in good working order. Otherwise, the engine may overheat, freeze, or corrode. As a result, you must replace your Harley’s coolant on a regular basis. Place a drainage pan under the engine and unscrew the radiator cap and coolant drainage bolt to accomplish this. After that, replace the drain bolt, replenish the system with coolant, and replace the radiator cap.

5. Maintain a Clean Chain

Modern chains require less maintenance than older chains. However, many folks do not realize when to wash their Harley’s chains. You should polish your chain at the range stated in your owner’s manual, or if it becomes dirty. Using a bristle brush, remove debris from the chain. Continue to rotate the back wheel while applying chain lube.

6. Utilize Proper Cleansing Products

Over time, motorbikes develop gunk. However, conventional automotive or household soap will be insufficient to clean your Harley. Select items that are specifically tailored for Harley-Davidson motorbikes; this ensures that they have been evaluated and authorized by Harley technicians and will not harm your motorcycle. A concentrated bike soap like Sunwash, wheel and tire cleaner, bug removal, polish, sealant, protective coating, and other items may be required.

7. Clean Properly

When caring for your Harley, the cleansing process is very important. First, ensure that the bike is cool – do not spray it down immediately after a trip. Wash the vehicle from the top to bottom, along with the tires and rims, and then wash from the bottom up. To clean the wheels, use a tire and spoke brush or a delicate polishing pad. If dead insects have accumulated on your bike’s bodywork, Harley’s bug buster will assist in removing them. For all leather or artificial surfaces, use a Harley-specific seat, saddlebag, and trim cleanser, followed by a leather protective coating.

After cleaning your Harley, use a HOG Blaster drier or a fluffy napkin to wipe all of its surfaces. With a microfiber towel, apply Harley polish and sealant and buff for a rich gloss. This procedure not only improves the appearance of your motorbike but also helps resist dirt, grime, and pests on future trips. Chrome shine items should be used on all chrome accents, and gloss detailers should be used on windscreens and varnished surfaces.

8. Plan Routine Maintenance

You want your Harley to look and feel wonderful on the inside as well as the outside. Arrange routine maintenance at scheduled times or before shelving your motorbike for the cold season. During a service visit, Harley-Davidson experts will examine brake pads and lines, replace damaged tires, replace outdated batteries, change filters, and lube chains, replace the oil, replenish fluids, and more. You will be ready to ride in the spring.

9. Keeping an Eye on the Brakes

Keeping your brake fluid updated and restocked is a vital part of brake maintenance. The fluid prevents mechanical parts from wearing out. Check the liquid level on a regular basis. Depending on how frequently you ride, the oil may need to be replaced at a minimum once a year, if not twice a year. The procedure entails cleaning out the old brake fluid and refilling it with a fresh supply.


Because braking is a mechanism that is used from start to finish, the brake pads must be kept in good operating order. Inspect the brake pads for wear on a regular basis. Also, pay attention to any strange sounds generated by the wheels, such as squeaking, shrieking, or scraping. This could mean that the brake pad’s metal backing is in interaction with the rotor’s surface.

If the pads begin to show symptoms of wear, they must be replaced. If the brake pads appear to be in good condition but the bike is producing noises when braking, take it to a respected mechanic to establish the source of the problem and make repairs.

10. Properly Storing Your Harley

When not in use, keep your Harley on a strong stand in a cool, secure location away from the sun’s harmful UV rays – preferably in a covered garage. If you do not have access to a garage, cover the bike with a robust lock and chain, such as Harley-Disc Davidson’s Brake Lock and Reminder Cord or Noose Chain and Shackle Lock Kit. Even if you store your Harley in a garage during the winter, a waterproof covering will keep it safe from leaks, dust, rodents, and debris.

In Conclusion

A Harley will keep performing like a Harley as long you take good care of it. The signature mighty roar of a Harley and its shining body is completely dependent on its regular upkeep. Follow these cleansing, care, and storage instructions to keep your Harley-Davidson motorbike appearing and performing like the day you got it.

It is now easier than ever to get your hands on your dream Harley. With the numerous options available for leasing a road bike in the market, you can get on the road today!


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