10 Benefits of Playing the Guitar

1. Create A Fun Atmosphere

Why do people play guitar around campfires in movies? There is something about the guitar that connects us and creates a certain atmosphere. Singing along to an acoustic guitar with friends is always fun – but don’t forget to familiarize yourself with popular requests beforehand!

2. Meet People

Not that we’re biased, but – there’s something attractive about guitar players. Her passion for acting, her dedication and of course her voice. Whether you want to impress someone special or make new friends, playing loud is likely to attract attention. Plus, you get to meet people with similar interests – playing the guitar can help you build some of your best relationships.

3. Reduces Stress

Playing the guitar is therapeutic and allows you to de-stress and focus on the music. When things are hectic, you can use the guitar to feel more relaxed and relieve stress. Playing the guitar is a form of escape, so the next time life gets tough, pick it up.

4. It Relieves Anxiety

Playing the guitar is the perfect pastime when you’re feeling anxious – for many people it can be a form of therapy. It’s very common to watch TV or go on the phone to have a blackout, but your brain is still thinking and worrying. Playing the guitar grabs all your attention so you have to switch off. Even 10 minutes of playing the guitar can help reduce your anxiety and lift your mood.

5. Let Your Creativity Blossom

Life becomes monotonous when you work 9-5 doing the same work with the same routine. That’s why people are constantly trying to find ways to keep their creative juices flowing, whether it’s cooking or drawing classes. Playing the guitar gives us that sense of freedom and creativity that we crave.

6. You Can Get In Touch With Your Emotions

The music we listen to tends to reflect our feelings. When we feel happy, we tend to listen to happy music. Some of the most emotional songs come from personal experiences and the lyrics reflect their feelings. For example, “How to Save a Life” by The Fray was written influenced by Isaac Slade’s experiences working as a mentor at a camp for troubled teenagers.

Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing” was written after a breakup and is about overcoming adversity. Playing the guitar allows you to communicate and express yourself differently and release your emotions, which often helps us overcome difficulties.

7. It helps You Play Other Instruments

Once you gain musical knowledge from playing the guitar, learning other instruments will be much easier. Here are 5 instruments that guitarists can learn.

8. Strengthens Hands And Wrists

Learning to play notes, chords and riffs will over time strengthen your hands and wrists and stretch your tendons to improve flexibility.

9. Improves Your Motor Skills

The difficult shapes your hands have to make to play the strings and the intricate strumming will improve your finger skills. Over time, your fingers will be able to move more smoothly and work together more. You’ll improve your speed and accuracy, and in no time you’ll be playing complex, impressive riffs.

10. Lowering Blood Pressure

Research from the Netherlands has shown that playing 100 minutes of music a day can significantly lower blood pressure. This shows that playing the guitar is not only a therapeutic exercise, but an exercise that can improve the quality (and even length) of life.